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Teacher Registration and Log-In

Go to to access the new online registration system.  Login with the same User ID and password you used with the previous system.  If this is your first time to teach an articulated class, a User ID will be created and emailed to you. If you have taught in a different consortium, continue to use the same User ID and password that you used previously. There is a button to have your password e-mailed to you if you lose it.

You will then see your personal page. Click on "Class Roster/Assign Grades" in the menu on the left. There are student rosters for each of your articulations.  Click on the name of your class to bring up the grading page. Enter the grade then click on “submit grades.”  It is very important that you either enter a grade or "below B" in the grade field or enter "not in class" or "dropped" in the status field for each student on the roster.

Also on your page, there are links to change your password and to change student passwords. There is a resources tab through which you can access instructions and demonstrations for the tasks you will perform on the system.

It is helpful to most teachers to try the student registration process. DO NOT enter a "dummy" student in the same site the students use as those cannot be deleted. There is a test site you can use for demonstration purposes.

Screen by screen instructions for teachers can be found at this link. Step by step instructions for students can be found at "Student Instructions."