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Help for Go Live - Employees

Common Activities:


Do this FIRST:

Activate Your Account


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Login to ctcLink     

(Don't know your ctcLink ID? Look it up here.)


IMPORTANT:  Please read through these "Known Issues" before submitting a Support Request

Known Issues and Solutions

Any requisitions received after 1/20/21 will not be processed until February 22nd. Please do not "Save" any Requisitions at this time.

Any requests after 1/22/21 will not be processed until February 22nd.
Employees must enter time and/or leave information by February 15th to get paid on February 25th.
All classified employees will need to submit a time sheet each pay period (twice a month).
Faculty will not see their list of advisees in ctcLink.  We are still working to load these lists for all advisors.


IMPORTANT: Please read through these guides before submitting a Support Request

How To's


WVC's Guided Reference Sheets

SBCTC Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

IMPORTANT: Please do not submit a Support Request until you have read through all the known issues and have searched the QRG's listed above.

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