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IMPORTANT: The placement office is currently closed and operating remotely. We are still available over the phone and email. For the Wenatchee campus, contact 509-682-6830 or For the Omak campus, contact 509-422-7803 or

The Pre-Placement Questionnaire will help you determine if you need to take the placement test or if you might have other documentation that would place you in math and English classes. The Pre-Placement Questionnaire is not a test and takes less than a minute to complete.

You do not need to take the Pre-Placement Questionnaire if...

  • you have already eared college credit for both English AND math. Instead, send your college transcripts for review to if attending Wenatchee, or if attending Omak.
  • you are a high school student who is interested in the Running Start program. Instead, contact the Running Start Office directly at (509) 682-6920 for Wenatchee or (509) 422-7848 for Omak or for program eligibility requirements.

Launch the Pre-Placement Questionnaire

If the results of the Pre-Placement Questionnaire state that you do need to take the placement test, use the links below to study. Once you are ready, contact the Wenatchee or Omak Testing Center to schedule your test (contact info below).

Visit the Testing Center for other testing services.