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Apply for Admission

Use any of the following options for admission to Wenatchee Valley College. You are not required to submit an application for admissions if you are taking six or fewer credits at WVC, though you won't receive a registration appointment or be able to register online if we don't have a current application on file.

Returning Students

Students returning to WVC after an absence of a quarter or more (excluding summer) are required to submit a new application for admissions in order to be able to register for classes.

Application Deadline

An application deadline has been established beginning Fall 2015.  New WVC students (including transfer students) who submit an application after the quarterly due date, approximately two weeks before classes begin, will be admitted for the following quarter.  For example, if you apply after the fall quarter tuition due date, you will not be admitted for Fall but for the following Winter quarter instead.  Additionally, if you are a new WVC student who wants to register for more than six credits, you must go through the mandatory intake advising process before the application due date.  If you fail to meet this deadline, you will need to wait and register for classes for the following quarter, regardless of how early you submitted an application to WVC.

Exceptions to this policy may be considered with approval from an educational planner or, for students pursing a professional/technical program, the program director.

You may enroll for six or less credits through the registration office.

Admissions Fee

The application process requires a non-refundable, one-time fee of $15.00 (excluding Running Start students). You may pay the fee online, in person or by phone. The admission fee must be paid before the admission process can be finalized. If a student decides not to attend within the quarter they are applying for, they can apply at a later date but would not have to pay the fee again.

  1. Make an online payment.
  2. Pay in person. To make a payment in person, go to the WVC Cashier Office, first floor, Wenatchi Hall or the Administration building on the Omak campus.
  3. Pay by phone. Call the WVC Cashier Office at (509) 682-6500 or for Omak call (509) 422-7803.

If you have previously paid the admission fee, you will NOT need to pay it again. Simply complete the online prepaid admission form for verification of the previous payment.

The admission office can be contacted by (509) 682-6806 or at

Option 1 - Apply Online

  1. From the Web Admissions Center site, set up an account with your own user ID and password. You can then fill out the application. The online application consists of six sections. All required questions are marked with an asterisk (*). You can save the application at any time and return later to complete it, so long as you remember your user ID and password. Once you have completed the application, you will be able to send it to us immediately.
  2. Remember to pay the admissions fee. Your application cannot be processed until payment is received.

Option 2 - Apply By Mail

  1. You may also print a WVC Application and apply via U.S. mail or fax.
  2. Attach a check for the admissions fee to your application.

Option 3 - Apply in Person

  1. Complete the application in person at the admissions office, located on the first floor of Wenatchi Hall on the Wenatchee campus and in the Administration Building on the Omak campus. A student development staff member will be available to answer your questions about enrolling at WVC.
  2. Pay the admissions fee in person at the cashier office located next to the admission office.

Application Review

The WVC Admissions Office will review your application after it's received. You will then be sent a letter with your new Student Identification number (SID). Remember, your SID and global Personal Identification (PIN) numbers are required to access any online service at WVC. While we do strive to process all applications in a timely manner, the response time for your application can vary depending on the volume we are currently dealing with. If you are concerned about the status of your application, please feel free to contact the admissions office.

Here is an example of a WVC acceptance letter

Please be careful with your SID and PIN numbers. They could be used to access your personal information. For security reasons, WVC strongly recommends you change your global PIN on a regular basis.

Student Identification Numbers (SID) & Personal Identification Numbers (PIN)

Each student who attends WVC will be assigned a Student Identification number, or SID. Your SID is your unique identifier while attending WVC. You will also be assigned a global Personal Identification Number, or PIN. The initial setting for your six-digit global PIN will be your birthdate. The SID and global PIN can be used together to access your records through the WVC website, so we strongly advise that you keep them private. You have the option of changing your global PIN through the WVC Student Kiosk page.

Please note that due to privacy regulations WVC staff are not allowed to give out SID or PIN information over the phone or e-mail. You can get your SID through the Student Kiosk with your Social Security number and birthdate. If you forget your number(s), you will need to come into the Admissions office and present picture ID.