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Student Organizations

Interclub Council

Interclub Council is composed of the ASWVC Vice President, who serves as the Chair, the ASWVC Treasurer who serves as the Co-Chair, and at least one representative from each club on the Wenatchee campus. The council is responsible for managing the club budget, collaborating on events, and supporting club program needs.

The Omak campus coordinates student activities through the events coordinator with the approval of the student senate.

Recognition as a Sponsored Student Club

In order to be officially recognized as participating members of the ASWVC, all Clubs must be approved by the Interclub Council, the Student Senate, and the Associate Dean of Campus Life, Equity & Inclusion or their designee. To charter a new organization, contact the WVC Campus Life office, (509) 682-6860 (Wenatchee campus) or (509) 422-7810 (Omak campus).

Officially recognized organizations are eligible to:

  1. Utilize college facilities
  2. Reserve activity dates on the official college calendar
  3. Organize activities and events both on and off campus
  4. Be included in student publications

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Clubs & Organizations by campus

The Omak and Wenatchee campus’ have a diverse assortment of student clubs. Clubs and organizations provide excellent opportunities for social and civic involvement. For more information about joining or starting a club, contact the WVC Campus Life office (509) 682-6860 (Wenatchee campus) or (509) 422-7810 (Omak campus).

Omak Campus Clubs

Provides education and information to others about the Chicanx movement while enforcing gender awareness.

Co-Advisors: Edgar Arellano,; Cameron Painter,

Phi Theta Kappa
The Eta Rho chapter of the national Phi Theta Kappa honor society recognizes and encourages scholarship among college students. To achieve this purpose, the chapter provides opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

Co-Advisors: Peter Donahue,; Will Kraske

Red Road Association
Focuses on local and national Native American awareness. Also works to dispel myths of the general population about Native Americans and to bridge the gap in communication between communities.

Advisor:  Livia Millard,

Science Club
Learns about science through field trips, activities and discussions outside of the classroom and lab. 

Co-Advisors: Jeff Dykes,; Kristy Kappenman

Student Nurses of North Campus
Provides an opportunity for students to become better acquainted with their roles as future professional nurses, while contributing to the quality of student life.  Also enhances academic interest in the health field by providing guest speakers, public health teaching, out-of-town hospital tours and associated activities with the state and national nursing associations.
Provides opportunities to experience agriculture and natural resource practices and operations. 

Advisor: Michael Lesky;

AutoTech Club
Focuses on expand ing the knowledge of automotive technology by working collectively with peers and community members. Additionally, the AutoTech Club seeks to expand community outreach.

Co-Advisors: Bob Greiner,; Tom Doherty,

Club of Natural Resources
Provides a platform for environmental stewardship, to work alongside government agencies and non-profit organizations to explore career prospects, and to create a common space for sharing ideas, experiences, and information to further encourage a positive and active change in our shared natural environment.

Advisor: Ariahna Jones, 

Culture Club
Introduces diverse values and cultures to the community, assists international students in adapting to our community, and to provide a social network for students intere3sted in other cultures.

Advisor: Johanna Hamilton, 

Cyber Knights
Expands and explores knowledge of computer technology.

Advisor: David Burns,

Horticulture & Tree Fruit
Represents all agricultural pathways and encourages student exploration into the various fields of agriculture.

Co-Advisors: Leo Garcia,; Francisco Sarmiento, 

Provide a safe space to share concerns, gain support and build new skills.

Co-Advisors: Ryan Poortinga,; Maria de Jesus Alvizar,

Knights of Justice
Educates all persons on the subject of Criminal Justice; raise funds in order to provide necessary materials for community service and community oriented projects; work with fellow clubs to raise funding for WVC and the community; Work with the community to raise awareness about the Criminal Justice program at WVC; Setup and maintain a scholarship fund.

Advisor: Bob Smet,   

Encourages interest in the machine trade and promote collaboration between other related departments on the Wenatchee campus. The club’s focus is on team work and exploration in a metalworking production atmosphere. The goal is to create and produce various parts for a wide range of departments on the Wenatchee campus and individuals in the community.

Advisor: Micky Jennings, 

MASK (Medical Assistant Student Knights)
Enhances, assists, and supports the academic and clinical success of each student currently enrolled in the medical assistant program. The goal is to encourage participation in local, state and national conferences. The focus is on Helping build confidence in students as skills are developed.

Co-Advisors: Jan Kaiser,; Marilyn Brincat,

Educates and informs others of the Chicanx movement while enforcing gender awareness.

Advisor: Maria de Jesus Alvizar,

Combining past projects into 1 extraordinary project utilizing modern electronics.

Advisor: Zack Jacobson,

Promotes student participation in outdoor activities, education, physical fitness, and environmental consciousness in a healthy social interaction.

Advisor: Ariahna Jones,

Phi Theta Kappa
The purpose of the Eta Rho chapter of the national Phi Theta Kappa honor society is to recognize and encourage scholarship among college students. To achieve this purpose, the chapter provides opportunity for the development of leadership and service, for an intellectual climate for exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellowship for scholars, and for stimulation of interest in continuing academic excellence.

Advisor:  Dr. Dan Stephens,

QSA (Queer Straight Alliance)
Creates an inclusive environment for LGBT+ individuals and their allies by promoting a positive space that helps the LGBT community and the college through community building, understanding, and support.

Co-Advisors: Hart Johnson,; Erin Tofte-Nordvik,

Radiant Knights
Increases the knowledge of Radiologic Technology, and provides students with opportunities to develop leadership abilities.

Co-Advisors: Brenda Eldridge,; Shelly Zimmerman,

Teaches those who want to learn more about the refrigeration processes and workforce.

Advisor: Greg Jourdan,

Showman’s Guild 
The purpose of this club is to promote teamwork, self-esteem, and showmanship through theatrical performances and improvisational comedy.

Advisor: Marcus Bingham,

Skills USA
Promote leadership and enhance skills to develop a stronger, more professional workforce.

Advisor: Micky Jennings,

SNOW (Student Nurses of Wenatchee)
Promotes and provides educational opportunities; provides opportunities for students to participate in community volunteerism; provides opportunities for interaction between students and the community at large; and provides leadership opportunities.

Co-Advisers: Jenny Capelo,; Rhonda Yenney,

Sounds of Silence
Encourages involvement of students with the deaf community, bridging the gap between deaf and hearing communities.

Advisor: Monique Hirschkorn,

Veteran Knights
Supports new veteran students with tools for transitioning from military to college through the help of other veterans who are currently enrolled on the Wenatchee campus; helps new veteran students with their studies by means of tutoring and mentoring; and or a network of students.