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How to Register Online

To register for classes, follow the steps below, which describe how to use each of the Web registration forms.

  1. Click Registration to login to ctcLink.
  2. Type your ctcLink ID number in the first field.
  3. Choose the correct term and subject.

The State of Washington requires community and technical college students to report specific information  in order to measure student progress and to improve services and programs. If you have already answered these questions for the quarter you selected, you will not be prompted to answer them again and will be connected directly to the Registration form.

If the information requested is not in your student record, you must select the appropriate answer to each question. After you have answered all of the questions, click the Continue button.

As you submit item numbers for classes you want to add or drop, you may see error or informational messages. These messages provide valuable information about the classes that you are attempting to add or drop.

Error messages inform you when an issue occurs that will block registration for the specific class. Example error messages.

"This class is cancelled."

 "Permission is required to register for this class."

 "Invalid item number."

Informational messages provide additional information about the class you are adding or dropping, but do not block registration. Examples of informational messages include:

"Warning: dropping classes may affect your financial aid."

"You may be eligible for a senior citizen discount."

"Warning: schedule time conflict – registration allowed."

Many courses require you to have prerequisites or an instructor’s permission to register. When you meet the prerequisite requirements for a course you are registering for, you will be registered. When you do not meet the prerequisite requirements or if you are registering for a course that requires an instructor’s permission, you will be blocked. The block is overridden with a course entry code. A course entry code is a five-digit number that is ‘attached’ to the course. Generally, you receive the course entry code from an instructor or department dean. To use a course entry code:

  1. Enter the class item number of the course that you want to add in an item number field on the Registration form,  
  2. Click the Submit Add/Drop button. If registration is blocked for the class, a message appears indicating a course entry code is required. In the blank field next to the message, enter the five-digit course entry code for the class. 
  3. Click the Submit Entry Code button.

As you add or drop classes, your schedule will update on your student home page in ctcLink. Information listed for each class includes item number, course identifier, credits, audit class identifier, days the class meets, class times, building and room, class fees, and instructor name. Web registration is ‘real time’ or immediate. Since you are connected directly to your college’s host processor, you will see an immediate change to your schedule whenever you add or drop a class.

If the college allows you to audit a class, an Audit Class button will appear directly below your schedule. When you audit a class, you must register, pay tuition and attend class regularly, but you need not take examinations and you will not receive credit for the class. You can only indicate you want to audit a class after you have registered for the class. To audit a class:

  1. Click the Audit Class button beneath your schedule on the registration form. The classes you have scheduled appear in a pop-up window.
  2. In the Audit box column, select the Audit box for each class you want to audit.
  3. Click the OK button.The pop-up window disappears, and a ‘Yes’ appears in the Audit column of your schedule for each class you selected to audit.

You cannot ‘de-select’ an audit. To change a class selection back to a graded class, you must drop the class and re-add class again to your schedule. When you add the class again to your schedule, the audit function is not selected.

If the college allows you to change the credits for a variable credit class, a Change Credits button will appear directly below your schedule if you have registered for a class that is variable credit. A variable credit class is a class where you can earn any number of credits between one and the maximum credits attached to the class. When you register for a class, by default you are registered for the maximum number of credits allowed for the class. You can then change the number of credits that you are registered for the class. For example, if you want to complete only three credits of a five-credit class, you can change the credits from five credits to three credits. You will only be charged for the number of credits you register for. To change the credits for a variable credit class:

  1. Click the Change Credits button beneath your schedule on the registration form. the variable credit classes you are registered for appear in a pop up window.
  2. In the Credit field, change the number in the field to the number of credits you want. For example, change 5.0 to 3.0. You cannot register for half or partial credits.
  3. Click the OK button.

The changed credits appear in the credit field of the class.

Only tuition and class fees are included in the listing of charges and payments. Additional charges for parking, day care, insurance, student fees, technology fees and additional class fees may be assessed at the time you pay tuition.

Once you are finished registering for classes, you can select the Finish button on the bottom of the page to view or verify your address or to print a copy of your schedule.

Select the View My Address link to see the current address on record at the college. If the address is not correct, follow these procedures to update it:

  1. Click the Change My Address button on the Current Address Information frame.
  2. Make changes in the address and phone fields as necessary.
  3. Click the Submit Address Change button. If your address is successfully changed, a message pops up indicating your address has changed.
  4. Click OK. The new address is displayed.

Select the View My Schedule link to see your class schedule, tuition and fee charges and any payments or financial aid that has been applied. You can print a copy of your schedule, charges and payment information my clicking on the schedule frame and using your browser print function.