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ASWVC Student Senate

ASWVC 2018-2019Pictured in Photo from left: Kai Dwyer, Bri Neal, Emma Boe (back row) Jared Marshall, Camille Nelson, Nikolai Kostka, Erin Tofte-Nordvik, Rachel Odima, Dillon Feher (front row) Leslie Garcia-Ortiz, Luz Estrada, Ellen Ferrell, Elizabeth Ferrell, Tia Gleason, Ellie Gear, Daniela Torrealba

ASWVC (Associated Students of Wenatchee Valley College) is a self-governing student organization. This association functions according to the policies and regulations adopted by the WVC Board of Trustees.  ASWVC Student Senate sponsors the majority of all student events, activities and projects. The Student Senate also provides a liaison between students and the college administration and faculty regarding activities, student clubs and policies.

Contact Senate Office: 509.682.6878 (Wenatchee campus) or 509.422.7810 (Omak campus)

Senate Advisors: Erin Tofte-Nordvik, Assoc. Dean of Campus Life, Equity & Inclusion (wenatchee)

Livia Millard, (Omak)

2018 - 2019 Student Senate

Wenatchee Meeting Time-Winter Quarter 2019

Monday at 3:00pm - Van Tassell Conference Room

Executive Board
Campus Activities Board
Student Ambassadores


ASWVC Funding comes from the services and activities fee paid with tuition, outside donations, and fundraising efforts. These funds help support clubs and organizations, athletics, and cultural and social events. It is the responsibility of the Student Senate to recommend the annual ASWVC budget to the Wenatchee Valley Board of Trustees and receive the Board’s approval.