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International Students


Who is an international student?

The information on this page is intended for people who:

  • don't have US citizenship
  • want to come to the US on an F-1 non-immigrant student visa
    • will study full time (at least 12 credits a quarter)

To get an F-1 visa, apply to WVC through the International Education Coordinator (Johanna). International students need to provide additional  documents, so please don't apply online. After sending Johanna all the necessary  documents, she will submit your application to WVC and after you are accepted, she will create an I-20 for you . When you have your I-20, make an appointment at your nearest embassy or consulate for a visa interview. You will need to show that you are intending to study full time, have enough funding and the required English proficiency and that you  plan to return to your home country.  If this interview is successful, you will receive your F-1 student visa.


This process takes time and we recommend you complete your application at least 2 months before classes begin. Students can begin in fall quarter (September) or winter quarter (January).  Please contact Johanna about starting in spring (April).