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International students at WVC

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My life at WVC was hard but very fun. Taking college level classes in English was not easy for me. I couldn’t understand what my instructors said sometimes. Also, I had to do much homework every day. Those things were stressful, and honestly, I got a flu at the beginning of winter quarter because of the stress. However, as I attend classes and do many assignments, I got used to it, and I improved my English skills. Now, I think they were very good experiences.  

On the other hand, I had lots of funs with my friends and tutors. We played basketball almost every day, went to skate, ski, hike, and see a concert, etc. I also enjoyed saying hello and having a small chat with them on the campus. My friendly tutors helped my homework and told me some jokes which were very funny. Everything is my sweet memories now. I want to thank all of them.

yuna grad

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I studied at Wenatchee valley college for two years from 2017 to 2019. Also I am working using a program called optional practical training since September 2019. I appreciate my international coordinator at wvc. Since I had to apply for this college from Japan, I had to go through much. At that time, I had a lower ability to read English and neither my high school teachers nor my parents could help me. However, I did not have any trouble thanks to the coordinator back then. While I am in the states, I miss my home country and my family quite often. Even so Johanna Hamilton who is current coordinator took place coming-of-age ceremony and never forgot to celebrate birthday with cake. Even after I graduated from college, she also took care of me with paperwork, job search, and my personal issue. Without her, I could not enjoy studying and living in a foreign country. For international students who do not have family here but need help with paperwork and such, she did everything she could do for us!