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Continuing Education

Continuing Education is canceling in person classes through April 30 with the exception of Nursing Assistant (CNA)  Fast Track and Flagger. This decision was made for the health and safety of our students and community members. Community members may see a few classes rescheduled, but the majority will be canceled during this time frame. 

We are still offering online options through our partner Ed2go:

Modified Classes

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Fast Track - changing to a hybrid online course. Online lecture. Stay tuned for clinical information.
  • Flagger - April 18 class is still a go. (April 3 class canceled). Check back for updates.

Rescheduled Classes

  • Beginning Birding - rescheduled for June 8, 10 and 11

Canceled Classes 

  • The Changing World of Retirement Planning - 03/18/2020 
  • Flagger - 4/3/2020
  • Weaving: Beginning & Beyond!  - 04/11/2020 
  • Introduction to Spanish Conversation - 04/13/2020 
  • Excel Level 1: Getting Started - 04/13/2020 
  • Spanish Conversation 3  - 04/13/2020 
  • Dealing with Allergies Naturally  - 04/14/2020 
  • Introduction to Landscape Design for Homeowners (11454)  - 04/14/2020 
  • Fly Fishing  - 04/14/2020 
  • Ornamental Welding for Home-School Students (11482)  - 04/15/2020 
  • Beginning Knitting  - 04/15/2020 
  • So Many Fish in the Sea  - 04/16/2020 
  • Mixed Media Alchemy: Waxed Little Birds  - 04/17/2020 
  • Cookie Bouquets for Spring and Summer - 04/18/2020 
  • Ornamental Welding - 04/18/2020 
  • American Zen  - 04/21/2020 
  • Baking for One or Two  - 04/21/2020 
  • Intro to Comedy Writing and Performing - 04/21/2020 
  • Grantwriting Basics: The Rest of the Story - 04/23/2020 
  • Excel Level 2: Taking Workbooks to the Next Level - 04/27/2020 
  • A Elegant Dinner Menu  - 04/30/2020  


Instructor Spotlight

Gus Bekker

Gus Bekker’s biggest hope for his snowshoeing class is to get people of all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds to try something new.

“I want to encourage people to step out of their comfort zone a little bit,” Bekker said. “The important thing I want to get across is anybody can do this and everybody’s welcome.”

Bekker, an all-season outdoorsman, started snowshoeing in 1995. He started teaching for Wenatchee Valley College Continuing Education 8 years ago as snowshoeing became a more popular way to stay active in winter.

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Explore new interests, discover hidden talents, and cultivate your love of learning!

Continuing Education designs classes the way you want them: relaxed and fun! Most of our classes do not have tests, grades or credits.

New classes are scheduled quarterly. And for even more flexibility, we have a large selection of online classes offered through our online training partner, Ed2go