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Expand the sections below to find answers and information about some of the most frequent questions and topics. Feel free to contact us if you need more or different information.

What is ctcLink? ctcLink is kind of like the computer brain behind WVC. It's the online system all the departments at the college will use to make registration, admissions, financial aid, cashiering and more, work smoothly.

Please follow these steps to start using ctcLink:
  • You will need your SID (old student ID) or ctcLink ID (new student ID) to activate your ctcLink account.
  • You can find your ctcLink ID by clicking this link and entering the email address you used to register or apply at WVC
    • If you have any questions, please email the Help Desk at for assistance.

1. Activate Your Account  (Click the dropdown on ID Type and select ctcLink ID or SID, enter your ID number)

2. Login to ctcLink

3. Update Your Personal Information

4. Registration Video     (Video Tutorial on How to Search and Enroll in Classes)

Please note: When you go to the mobile version of ctcLink to pay tuition, you must activate your ctcLink Student Self-Service page by going to your self-service page in the desktop version of ctcLink first, at before you can use the mobile version of ctcLink to pay tuition.

"How-To" Help:


You can update your contact information through ctcLink in your Profile Tile.

The vaccine attestation tab is now available on the desktop version of ctcLink. Currently, this is the tab you will use to document your vaccine status or indicate an exemption.

WVC is requiring vaccines for students and employees and vaccine status or an exemption must be documented prior to the first day of fall quarter, Sept. 27.

To access the attestation tab

Visit and enter your student log-in information. Click on “Student Homepage” and then select the “Immunization Attestation” tab.

To attest

Under “Vaccination details,” enter the type of immunization you received (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson) and enter the dates on which you received each dose (only one dose is required for Johnson & Johnson). To add a second dose and date, click the “+” to add another line.

If you are claiming an exemption, please select the exemption you are claiming under the immunization drop-down. You do not need to fill out the “Date taken” field for an exemption.

The “Self-Attestation” and “Disciplinary Action” sections require you to review both statements and click on the slider button. When you click on it, it will turn green and say “Yes.” This indicates that you’ve read and agree to both statements.


If you have questions about the vaccine requirement or college policy regarding vaccines, please contact If you have questions about the form on ctcLink, please contact the WVC IT Help Desk at

All Wenatchee Valley College students are responsible for understanding and adhering to these network access guidelines and the WVC Acceptable Use policy. 

Student Responsibilities

Due to the COVID-19 Crisis, WVC has made the decision to offer most of our classes online, starting Spring Quarter, 2020. What you need to know to be able to learn online:

Distance Learning For Students

Zoom Information for Distance Learning

Log In to WVC's Zoom:

The WVC Technology Department will do our best to accommodate every student need. Please contact us if you need technology resources.

Student Assistance

Canvas Issues - click here to see down times and outstanding issues

Reset your password at any time. Also, at the end of each quarter, your network password (student email, MyWVC Portal, virtual desktop) will expire and need to be reset.

Password Management

Students at Wenatchee Valley College have access to many different computer resources using different sets of credentials.  Please remember to keep your credentials private. 

Log In Information

A network logon account is provided to every student enrolled in a credit class. This account is required to access the Internet, Wi-Fi, e-mail and computers across campus.

Network Access

All students have been issued an e-mail account.  Access to email on campus is available through Outlook and off campus, through the Outlook Web App. 

Email Access

The Wenatchee Valley College Wi-Fi Network provides free wireless Internet access to any member of the college community with a student or staff logon account and a Wi-Fi capable device. 

Wi-Fi Access