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Students are expected to play an active role in tracking academic progress, program requirements, class schedules, and more.  At WVC, there are Faculty Advisers, Educational Planners and Counselors available to help you pursue your educational goals. Generally speaking, Educational Planners help new and transfer students get started with their first quarter of classes at WVC. After that, students then begin working with their Faculty Adviser for ongoing advising help. Former students can meet directly with their Faculty Adviser.

Student-faculty relationships have always been viewed as a key component of higher education. Faculty advisers have a special knowledge in their disciplines and are aware of specific courses within their divisions, and in educational and career opportunities in their areas of concentration. The faculty adviser can:

  • Assist you with academic planning, course selection and scheduling.
  • Assist you with developing, clarifying and evaluating educational plans and goals.
  • Assist you with identifying and exploring alternative educational opportunities.
  • Assist you with the development of long-range educational plans.
  • Assist you with transfer information for in-state colleges and universities.
  • Assist you in gaining an understanding of the complete requirements of a program.
  • Refer you, as needed, to counseling services for educational, personal or emotional support.

To see who your Faculty Adviser is, visit MyWVC link at the top of the page. If you are having trouble contacting your Faculty Adviser, visit the Advising Drop-In Center.

If you would like to change your Faculty Adviser, fill out a Change of Adviser Request form (PDF) and submit it to the Educational Planning and Testing Center located on the first floor of Wenatchi Hall or via email to

For more information on advising for all students, please call (509) 682-6830