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Residence Hall

2021-22 Updated and COVID-19 INFORMATION

  • The residence hall will remain open for current residents who wish to extend into summer, as well as for the 21-22 school year. We will be returning to 100% capacity starting in Fall of 2022 which means all rooms will become shared rooms. 

  • COVID-19 vaccines are encouraged for any summer residents.  

  • Complete COVID-19 vaccines will be REQUIRED for all residents beginning Fall 2022. Any of the 3 approved vaccines are acceptable; Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson and Johnson.  For Moderna and Pfizer, “complete” means having received both doses.

  • Residents must confirm that they been vaccinated, or will be before arriving, on the initial application. Residents must then show their vaccination card at move-in to verify but will not keep copies of the vaccination card or other information on file.

  • Athletes who move-in early will be considered Fall students and vaccine will be required even if physically moving in prior to the start of Fall quarter.

  • If a student has a medical or religious exemption for vaccines they may still be able to live in the residence hall, but it is important to understand what living in a student resident hall entails. It is a shared, enclosed space that would pose a high risk for un-vaccinated residents, especially ones with an underlying medical condition that might exclude them from getting the vaccine.  WVC has a single residence hall in what is called "Pod" style so we are unable to offer private living spaces.

Decisions regarding in person classes and the reopening of on campus offices and services for the 2021-22 school year are still in process.  The WVC Campus may not be fully open and many classes may still remain online for Fall quarter.  Things may open up gradually for Winter and Spring quarters, but this depends on a number of changing factors.
It is important for residents to consider all of these details when deciding if living on campus is still the best option.  We are planning to keep the residence hall open for those who need it, but also understand that staying home may be the best option after careful consideration.  In that case, it is important that you contact the Residence Life Manager before moving in date to cancel the contract and still be eligible for the full deposit refund.
  • If changing circumstances prevent you from moving in WVC will refund both the $200 admin fee and $200 deposit as long as you cancel before checking in.

Current Residents still living in the hall for Spring 2021 must submit a continuing resident application if planning to continue for the 2021-22 school year.  You do NOT need to make any additional payments.  Space is still first come, first served so please submit your renewal application ASAP.  You must also submit a separate Summer extension if you plan to stay in the hall for summer ’21.

Non-WVC students: students of other schools (WSU, CWU, etc) who have clinicals or other internships in the Wenatchee area during summer are eligible to stay in the WVC residence hall at our non-student/conference rate. Details and applications about this will be posted below soon.

Please note that in person application drop-off or payments will not be available until campus re-opens.  Instructions for how to submit applications and make payments are on the instructions page of the application packet.


The application for the 2021-22 school is available for download below.  In order to be considered complete, there are multiple sections that require initialing and/or signature.  In addition to mail, you can scan the completed application and email a PDF document to as well.


2021-22 New Resident Application

2021-22 Current Resident Renewal and Summer Application


WVC Residence Hall Info

Located on Fifth Street across from the Wenatchee campus, the WVC Residence Hall is within walking distance of grocery stores, shopping areas and downtown Wenatchee. Bus access is available next to to the parking lot. Students with current WVC student identification may ride for free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Residence halls can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative to renting an apartment. Rather than commuting long distances each day, you can stay on campus, not worry about parking and have ready access to campus facilities.

The residence hall is a three-story building with four sections or pods around a common area on each floor. Each pod has three bedrooms containing two beds each, a bathroom with a shower and laundry facilities. You will be assigned a roommate or you can request a specific roommate when you apply for a room. Single rooms are not available. The hall has room for 75 students, including rooms for one RA per floor.

All floors are co-ed but pods are by gender. You have access to wireless and high-speed Internet connections and cable television. Phone jacks for landlines are in each room. You are responsible for bringing your own phone, if you choose, and arranging phone service with a provider.

You will be assigned a twin bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and a chest with three drawers. You need to bring your own sheets, towels, pillows, toiletries and any other personal items. A refrigerator and microwave are located in each common area, but you may choose to have your own mini-fridge and a microwave in your room. Hotplates are not allowed.

One room on each floor is ADA accessible. There is elevator service to all floors from the ground level. If you need special accommodations, contact the residential life coordinator at 509.682.6706.

The cost is $1,440 plus a $60 technology fee per quarter. A $50 application fee, $200 non-refundable admin fee, and a $200 refundable deposit ($450) is due with your application form. If you cancel your contract prior to moving in, the admin fee and deposit will be returned to you. If you decide to leave mid-year, your deposit will not be returned. At the end of the academic year, a portion of your deposit ($200) may be returned to you if there is no damage to your room and common area. Students are committing to the entire academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring), breaking your residence hall contract will result in a $750 early termination fee.  There is an appeal process available for extenuating circumstances; contact the WVC Residential Life Office for more information.

The cafe closed for the 2020-21 school year.  At this time, we do not know if it will reopen for 2021-22.

The WVC Café is located in Van Tassell Center and operated by From Scratch by Us. The café is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. The café is closed weekends.

You have the option to purchase a flex-pass meal card each quarter for food items in the WVC Café. The card works like a debit card and may have additional amounts added to the total. A 5% bonus is applied to flex-passes of $250 and $499. If you purchase $500 or more, the bonus is 10%.

We have 2 Resident Advisors (RA) and from 1-4 Community Assistants (CA) who are current students that live and work in the residence hall. RAs and CAs help residents plan group activities, mediate conflicts, answer questions, enforce college policies and serve as resources for students for a positive living and learning atmosphere. RAs and CAs are selected through an application process each Spring and employed by WVC.

If interested in applying for an RA position, contact the residential life office at 509.682.6706.

The building requires keycard access with separate locks at each main entrance, each pod entrance, and each individual bedroom.  Residents are able to access the main lounge on any floor, but only the pods and bedrooms to which they are assigned.

Campus security officers patrol the college grounds and are available in emergencies. They can be reached at 6911 (from a campus phone) or 509.423.3705.

Student staff live on each floor and the The Residence Life Manager lives in a campus house across the parking lot.  

 Parking is available for 48 vehicles at the hall. Residents are able to purchase a pass through the Cashier's Office in order to park in this lot for $10 per quarter. If you do not have a pass and park in a campus lot, you will be ticketed. On-street parking may be available.
 All students taking 10 or more credits are eligible to live in the hall. You should complete an application and provide the $450 ($50 application fee, $200 damage deposit, and $200 admin/programming fee) as soon as possible to reserve your spot. 

Contact Information

Residential Life Manager
Email Residence Life