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Resident Advisers

Applications for Residence Hall
Student Staff positions are available now!

Available Student Staff Positions:

2 RAs (Resident Advisors)

1-3 CAs (Community Assistants)

Residence Hall
Student Staff Application

Each year Residence Life seeks to employ 3 to 5 student staff positions to assist with not only the daily operations of the Residence Hall, but to help make the Residence Hall a fun, engaging, and safe place for residents to live, study, play, and grow.

Student staff must fulfill weekly office hours, plan and facilitate monthly activities and events, assist with general upkeep of the Residence Hall, ensure that residents are following rules and policies, and partake in an on-call rotation during the evenings, weekends, and holidays.

It is the goal of Residence life to foster community vibe in the Residence Hall, and student staff are a vital part of that goal.

To learn more about the different Residence Hall student staff positions, the requirements, and benefits, see below:

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors are the primary student leadership role in the Residence Hall. While there is 24-hour administrative support, RA's are the first line for policy enforcement.

RAs are responsible for planning and facilitating monthly activities and events, and working to foster a community vibe in the Residence Hall.

RAs are not permitted to hold any other job on or off campus due to the priority and commitment required for the RA position. Additionally, athletes are not selected as RAs, due to practice and game schedules which are found to inhibit fulfillment of the RA duties concerning mandatory on-call hours/days.

RA Requirements:

  • On-call evenings (5pm-8am), and all day on weekends, and holidays (shared responsibility with other staff)
  • 10 weekly office hours (duties assigned by the Residence Life Manager)
  • Mandatory attendance at weekly staff meetings
  • Mandatory monthly / quarterly activities and event planned and facilitated.

RAs receive:

  • Early move-in (typically early to mid-August)
  • Free housing
    • Private room, with private bathroom
  • Free parking pass (for Residence Hall lot only)
  • $250 quarterly Cafe meal card
  • $1,000 quarterly stipend (paid in 3 monthly payments - taxed)


Community Assistants

Community Assistants serve in a support role for Residence Life, RAs and residents.
CAs are permitted to have another on, or off-campus job, as long as it does not interfere with required responsibilities.

CA Requirements:

  • 1 On-call day  per week (typically a weekend)
  • 5 weekly office hours (duties assigned by the Residence Life Manager)
  • Mandatory attendance at weekly staff meetings
  • Support RAs with activity and event planning and facilitation

CA receive:

  • Early move-in (typically early to mid-August)
  • $1,000 quarterly discount of housing fees
  • Free parking pass (for Residence Hall lot only)


Traits and Values that we seek in our Student Staff:

  • Honesty
  • Time management
  • Self-directed (taking initiative)
  • Outgoing / extroverted
  • Good social skills
  • Good communication skills

Additionally, we value 

  • Familiarity with social media / technology skills
  • Artistic skills

Please contact the Residence Life Manager, with any questions or concerns about the student staff positions, or living in the Residence Hall.

Residence Life Office: 509-682-6706 /