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Viticulture Sustainability Certificate

The online viticulture sustainability certificate offers specialized training in sustainable and organic production practices. Emphasis will be focused on the relationships between organic nutrients, soil fertility and plant health in organic agriculture systems. Topics in the concept of sustainable practices, alternative agriculture systems and world food systems are included.

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Required Course Sequence: Certificate (online)
Offered at the Wenatchee campus
As a standalone certificate through WVC, this program is not financial aid eligible. However, if a student completes the following courses through a degree program at Yakima Valley College or South Seattle College, then this certificate may be financial aid eligible through a consortium agreement. Check with your home institution to verify.

Fall Quarter Credits
AGRI 268 Organic Agricultural Production 5
Winter Quarter  
AGRI 269 Organic Plant Nutrition 5
Spring Quarter  
AGRI 289 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems 5
  Total Credits for Certificate 15