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Instructor Spotlight

Delta Cope (continued)

Students will learn one quarter’s worth of material in 22 days, and do 65 hours of hands-on work in healthcare facilities. Cope said the course is a rigorous and a quick option for students looking to begin work as a CNA or complete nursing program pre-requisites.

Cope is a licensed practical nurse and has been teaching courses at WVC for six years.

“I feel really passionate about making sure that we’re getting caregivers out there that know what they’re doing and that have the foundation to be excellent caregivers,” she said.

Most students know they want to go into healthcare when they enroll, said Cope, but not all of them necessarily know what being a CNA involves. Courses like this one can be the first time students get hands-on experience being caretakers.

“I started at 19 and I didn’t realize what this entailed,” she said. “I did not realize that we were going to be feeding people, that we were going to be helping people get dressed, that we were going to help people take showers… and here I am almost 25 years later still doing it.”

Cope said that the course is accessible to people with all levels of education. Course materials are written at a fourth-grade reading level. What’s most important, she said, is caring about the work and the people.

“It’s something that’s in you – you feel the need to help other people, to care for other people. It’s definitely something you have to have the compassion to do and be empathetic enough to do it. And you have to have patience. Patience is a big one.”