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Instructor Spotlight

Liza Della Valentina (continued)

Her courses are for people of all experience levels including those who don’t consider themselves artistic. She said everyone can get something from these courses. 

"All of us create in different ways," she said, "and I feel like art is so transformative." 

Liza taught art classes and ran an art group in Seattle for two years before moving to Wenatchee this year. She does fiber arts, bead art, painting, mixed media and more. 

"I love it. I wake up in the morning just passionate about art and about sharing it with people,"she said. "It’s not about me teaching the classes, it’s about what happens for those students." 

She said she wants to help everyone find their artistic "spark," even if they think they don’t have one.

"I lived and traveled both in Europe and Asia as a child and spent a whole lot of time in galleries and museums. I grew up feeling like I was not an artist," she said. "I’ve been there, just like the students I teach. It’s a process, and I’m excited to start them on that path."

In her classes, Liza offers a wide range of materials to her students, so they’re able to experiment.

"I approach art very differently from most teachers. I feel like there’s no right way to do it," she said. "I really want people to be able to explore and play."

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