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MyWVC 2.0 and ctcLink

Introducing MyWVC 2.0 

MyWVC 2.0 is the new modern and easy-to-use student portal. Starting Feb. 22 when you click on the MyWVC portal button in the upper right hand corner of the WVC website you'll be taken to a new resources menu — including a link to "ctcLink."

From there, you'll access MyWVC 2.0, where you can:

  • register for classes,
  • view and manage your schedule,
  • access your financial aid information,
  • audit degree progress,
  • request and view academic records
  • and more.

In addition to a new portal, all current students will receive a new student ID number. You will need this new ID to register for classes this spring.

Get started Feb. 22

Starting Feb. 22, you'll be able to set up your MyWVC 2.0/ctcLink account and get your new student ID number.

Activate Account



Need to activate your account? Register for classes? Pay tuition? We have a tutorial for that. Our tutorials have written instructions and videos for just about everything you need to use MyWVC 2.0.

View Tutorials

New student ID

One of the biggest changes MyWVC 2.0 is bringing is a new student ID for all current WVC students. You will need this ID to register for classes this spring.

You will get your new ID when you active your new MyWVC 2.0 account on Feb. 22.

Get New ID

What is ctcLink?

The short version: ctcLink is kind of like the computer brain behind WVC. It's the online system all the departments at the college will use to make registration, admissions, financial aid, cashiering and more work smoothly. ctcLink is the reason for the new MyWVC 2.0 portal.

Want the long version?

About ctcLink

Helpful links

Get Help during ctcLink launch

After ctcLink goes live on Feb. 22, the ctcLink "go-live" page will have troubleshooting resources for students.

Go-live help

Student communications

Check out every email and communication sent to students from Jan. 8, 2021 - present.

View communications

Download the mobile app!

The ctcLink mobile app is for students lets you enroll in classes, view wait lists, drop and swap classes, check grades, check financial aid, get messages from your colleges, see to-do lists, check degree progress and more on your mobile device.

Apple App Store

Google Play


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