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Corrections certificate

The certificate program in corrections will provide students with an understanding of the adult and juvenile criminal justice processes, its agencies and personnel. This program will study the theory, concept and historical significance of the evolution of the criminal justice system. The students will study the most recent Washington State criminal law and American procedural law and apply the knowledge with practical exercises. During these studies, the student will become efficient in techniques of report writing in the criminal justice profession. Specific emphasis will be on the application of this education toward institutional and community supervision within the criminal correctional field. 

Course Sequence: Corrections Certificate Credits
Fall Quarter  
CJ& 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 5
CJ& 105 Introduction to Corrections 5
** Support Course 5
Winter Quarter  
CJ& 110 Criminal Law 5
CJ& 106 Introduction to Juvenile Justice 5
** Support Course 5
Spring Quarter  
CJ 140 Criminal Justice Report Writing 5
CJ 150 Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure 5
** Support Course 5
  Total for Certificate 45

**Required Support Courses
These classes need to be completed to qualify for the certificate:
ENGL 097* Composition: Paragraph or higher
MATH 093* Pre Algebra or higher
CMST& 210 Interpersonal Communication

*Placement score required.