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Virtual Fun Run

Virtual Fun Run May 2021 WVC Finish Line Scholarships

A partnered event by ASWVC, ASWVC-O and the WVC Foundation.


THANK YOU to all the alumni, students,
employees, and friends of WVC! 


Together, we raised $2,345 for the new Finish Line Scholarship! 


And a special thanks to this year's business sponsors:

Bromiley Mackay, PLLC

Columbia Valley Community Health

Guild Mortgage


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The virtual fun run will raise money for the WVC Finish Line Scholarship. This is a new scholarship designated for students with one quarter of classes or less until completing their degree. If you'd like to make an additional donation to the Finish Line Scholarship, you can add to your registration amount or donate online at
You can choose to do a 5k or 10k when you register. See some sample routes below.
You can go at whatever pace (run or walk) that suits you best. You have the entire month of May to complete your run. You can do it all at once or spread it out over a few days. 
You can verify your run by sending your distance and a photo or selfie to us. There are a few places you can submit it:
  • Email
  • Post on Instagram and tag @aswvc_senate_
  • Post on Facebook and tag Wenatchee Valley College Foundation (@WVCFoundation)
You can make a donation online at or mail a check to: 

WVC Foundation
1300 Fifth Street
Wenatchee, WA 98801

Event t-shirts will be mailed in June after the end of the virtual fun run.
Sponsor the Virtual Fun Run and support the WVC Finish Line Scholarship. Business sponsorships are $300. Benefits include 2 event t-shirts and your business's name on the back of the event t-shirt. 
You can contact us at or 509-682-6410.


Sample Routes

5k along the Apple Capital Loop Trail:

  • From Pybus Market to Walla Walla Point Park and back.
  • From the East Wenatchee 19th St access to the 27th Street access and back.

10k along the Apple Capital Loop Trail:

  • From Pybus Market to Confluence State Park and back.
  • From the East Wenatchee 19th Street access to the Odabashian Bridge and back.