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Political Activities



  1. All activities of a political nature must be conducted in such a way as to insure that the college itself is not involved in any partisan way in either political campaigns or public controversies.
  2. Recognized student organizations, other than the ASWVC and ASWVC, at Omak, are free to make public statements on public and political issues, providing they make it clear that they are speaking only for their own members and that they do not claim to represent the college or its student bodies as a whole.
  3. The sponsoring organizations in all such activities must be clearly identified.
  4. Neither the ASWVC nor the ASWVC at Omak may take positions on a public issue except when the issue has a clear and immediate relationship to the circumstances of student life at Wenatchee Valley College.


  1. Board policies specifically prohibit the use of college facilities for purposes of political campaigning by or for candidates for public office except for certain student‑sponsored activities.
  2. Campaign signs and posters may not be affixed to any campus property. This applies to recognized student organizations as well as to all other persons and organizations.
  3. Use of facilities for a guest speaker must be processed through the chief student development officer or designee.


  1. Political speakers may be presented by recognized student organizations upon written approval of the club advisor, in accordance with policy set forth in the speaker policy of the student handbook.
  2. The appearance of an invited speaker on campus does not include an endorsement, either implicit or explicit, of the speaker's views by the district, the board of trustees, the faculty, administration, or students.
  3. The student organization inviting a special speaker to campus must so notify the office of student programs or designee at least three days prior to the guest's scheduled appearance.
  4. The chief student development officer or designee may require and arrange to have views other than those of the invited speaker represented at the meeting/activity or at a subsequent meeting/activity.
  5. The president of the college may, at his/her discretion, assign a faculty member to preside over any meeting/activity to which a speaker has been invited.

Supersedes 2.P.29
Adopted by the board of trustees: 4/11/01
Revised and adopted by the board of trustees: 9/19/07
Last reviewed: __/__/__
Policy contact: Administrative Services

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