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Grant Development & Approval



The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that any grants pursued on behalf of Wenatchee Valley College (WVC) are in alignment with the mission and strategic priorities of the college.

These procedures apply to all grants pursued on behalf of WVC by either the college or its associated foundations (Wenatchee Valley College Foundation and WVC at Omak Foundation), and to all types of funding sources (state, federal, private, etc.).


Grants: a grant is defined as a sum of dollars offered by an entity outside the college and awarded through a competitive application process that specifies the activities to be undertaken to reach stated goals. An example of this type of grant is a proposal to a private foundation or to an agency of the federal government.

State Grant: a grant offered by the state of Washington through the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges awarded through a competitive or non-competitive application process that specifies the activities to be undertaken to reach stated goals. An example of this type of grant is a Workforce Education Grant.


  1. Application Process
    1. The institutional effectiveness office will coordinate the development and submission of all grant proposals. This office will be the initial contact for proposals at an institutional level or involving multiple departments or partnerships with outside entities. The instruction office is the initial contact for proposals that fall under the authority of the chief academic officer.
    2. The initiating department or individual is responsible for working with the appropriate departments to develop the major components of a grant proposal, with adequate time allowed for preparation and review at appropriate levels. Guidelines for proposal development can be obtained from the institutional effectiveness office and are posted on the WVC intranet.
    3. The institutional effectiveness office should coordinate the proposal development process. This may include:
      1.  Verifying that the project is consistent with institutional priorities.
      2. Confirming that the project has the support of the appropriate administrator.
      3. Providing general institutional information and assisting in obtaining relevant data to support the proposal.
      4. Proposal review, editing and/or writing.
    4. With the approval of the appropriate vice president, the proposal will be brought to the president and cabinet members as an information item. The following information should be presented:
      1. Summary of the project, including effective dates and staffing.
      2. Total budget, including institutional contribution and source (budget number).
      3. Support requirements, including reporting and monitoring.
      4. Impact on other units of the college.
    5. The president’s cabinet will approve any proposal with one or more of the following characteristics:
      1. Total budget of $50,000 or more.
      2. If the grant will result in creation of a new staff or faculty position
      3. If the grant will redefine or reclassify the status of a given position.
      4. Commitment of matching funds or in-kind contribution of institutional resources.
      5. If the grant funded activity will continue for more than one fiscal year.
    6. Renewals of existing projects or amendments to current projects will undergo an abbreviated review coordinated by the office of institutional effectiveness to ensure that all affected departments are aware of changes in budget information or project activities.
    7. Either the president or the chief financial officer, as the contracting authorities for the college, must sign all proposals prior to submission unless this authority is delegated to another individual.
  2. Implementation Process
    1. Information on grant award decisions (funded or not funded) should be forwarded upon receipt to all affected offices, including the initiating department or individual, institutional effectiveness, human resources, and fiscal services. This information should address any revisions in the budget or implementation of the project as determined by the funding agency.
    2. The human resources office may initiate advertising for new positions prior to a grant award being received if this is necessary to allow sufficient time for the application and interview process for grant activities to begin on schedule. These positions shall be posted as contingent on receipt of funding.
    3. Upon receipt of a grant award, the fiscal services office will assign budget numbers for grant funds and determine the signature authorities for those budgets.
    4. The institutional effectiveness office will review any reporting requirements for the grant and determine how reporting responsibilities will be addressed, in coordination with the fiscal services office and the initiating department or individual.

Originally approved by the president’s cabinet: 4/13/03
Revised and approved by the president’s cabinet: 9/16/08, 5/7/20
Presented to the board of trustees: 10/15/08, 5/20/20
Last reviewed: 5/7/20
Procedure contact: Institutional Effectiveness

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