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Students must register before entering any class.  Persons who are not registered for a class may not attend that class.  Registration is not complete until the student has submitted all forms and paid all required fees.  Registration procedures and dates, along with registration deadlines, are published on a quarterly basis.

Adopted by the board of trustees: 7/12/00
Last reviewed: __/__/__
Policy contact: Student Services

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1400.210 Registration Procedure


Students must register before entering any class. The following procedures outline the registration process and other issues regarding registration.


To register, a student must:

  1. Complete a community college application for admission.
  2. If you are going to take college level math and or English you must take ASSET or COMPASS which is scheduled through Student Development office.
  3. Attend orientation.
  4. Meet with an adviser and obtain PIN number for registering.
  5. Register via the college web site (
  6. Pay tuition and fees.


Appointments to register are mailed to new students (Wenatchee campus) before their first quarter of enrollment. These appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis according to the date a completed application is received in the admissions/registration office.

Registration now is being done via the college web site (

Registration appointments are mailed to students for the first quarter of enrollment only. Appointments are posted in each building on campus and are available in the “Student Records” section on the college web site. Priority is given on the basis of total credits earned at WVC. Currently enrolled students register first, followed by former students and then new students.


Students may add classes to their schedule up through the tenth day of each quarter. There are no restrictions on the first and second day of the quarter. Between the third day and the fifth day, the instructor’s permission is required. You will not be able to add a class through Web Registration after the second day. Between the fifth and tenth day, you will need both the instructor’s signature and that of the appropriate dean.


Courses dropped during the first 10 days of a quarter are not included on a transcript. Courses dropped after the 10th day are recorded with a “W” on a transcript. A class may be dropped anytime during the first 30 days of instruction each quarter. Withdrawals from short courses, symposiums, workshops, etc., must be completed before the closing session to be eligible for a “W”.


Students withdrawing from college must fill out and submit a Complete Withdrawal Form to the admissions office. All signatures requested on the form must be obtained before submitting the form. The deadline for withdrawing from college is the end of the 30th day of instruction.

Students withdrawing from continuing education and seeking a refund should contact the continuing education office for more information.


An audit exempts the student from examinations, but the instructor may require reasonable attendance and class participation. No college credit is received for audited courses and regular tuition charges apply. The deadlines for completing audit transactions are:

  1. Changes from audit to credit are permitted only through the 10th instructional day of the quarter.
  2. Changes from credit to audit are permitted until the end of the 30th day of instruction. The instructor’s written approval is required after the fifth day of instruction.


To qualify for the senior citizen fee rate a student must:

  1. Be 60 years of age or older.
  2. Register after the fifth instructional day of the quarter, but before the 10th day.
  3.  Take no more than two classes per quarter at the space-available rate.

There is no transcript record for classes taken on a space-available basis. These classes do not qualify for transfer. Students pay a small per-class fee and registration fee and any special fee associated with the class. Contact the registration office for more information on fees.

Senior Ed-Venture classes are available at reduced rates through the continuing education office.


A refund of tuition and fees, exclusive of the registration fee, will be made in compliance with the following procedures. Students apply for refunds through the cashier’s station.

  1. For classes that begin the first week of the quarter:
    1. 100-percent refund upon withdrawal on or before the fifth business day of the academic quarter.
    2. 50-percent refund if withdrawing on or after the sixth business day and on or before the 20th business day of the quarter.
    3. 100-percent refund if classes or programs are canceled by WVC.
    4. No refund after the 20th business day of the quarter.
    5. Refund rates are prorated when students drop below 10 credits.
    6. Refunds for classes with irregular instructional starting days or concentrated scheduling will be based on the published starting date.
  2. For classes that begin after the first week of the quarter:
    1. Refunds are calculated as above, based upon the published starting date of the class.
  3. Self-support, professional development, contract classes and continuing education classes:
    1. 100-percent refund until the first day of class.
    2. No refund beginning the first class day.


Wenatchee Valley College does not provide hard copies of grades. Grades can be obtained by using the college web site ( Grade reports will be withheld if financial obligations to the college are not fulfilled or if materials have not been returned to the library.


An official copy of a student transcript will be released only upon written request and may be withheld if any financial obligations to the college have not been met. Unofficial transcripts may be obtained through the “Student Records” link on the college web site:

GED transcripts are available through the student development office.

Approved by the president’s cabinet: 8/23/05
Presented to the board of trustees: 9/21/05
Last reviewed: __/__/__
Procedure contact: Student Services

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