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Associate of Science-Transfer Degree

The associate in science (AS-T) degree can be an excellent option for students interested in the natural sciences, engineering or computer sciences.

The associate of science-transfer (AS-T) degree is designed for students who want to concentrate on courses required for acceptance into specific majors in science and engineering. This degree is not the same as the associate of arts and sciences direct transfer degree. It does not satisfy general education requirements nor does it guarantee admission to a specific major. This degree allows you to take more courses required for your major than you could take by earning the AAS-DTA degree. Students interested in pursuing this degree should have an advisor with expertise in the natural sciences, engineering, or computer sciences.

You must be careful to follow the catalog of the receiving institution in order for the program to be most successful. Working closely with a faculty adviser who is familiar with the major is highly recommended.

The intent is that students will take as many prerequisites to the major as possible and attain the GPA needed for entrance into the university and the major. It is highly recommended that sequences in math and science be completed entirely at one institution instead of breaking up sequences between institutions.

Although the WVC Associate of Arts and Sciences Direct Transfer Degree satisfies general university requirements when transferring, the better option for students interested in the natural sciences, engineering or computer sciences may be the AS-T.

To be eligible for the AS-T degree, students must have a minimum of 40 credits directly related to the major area. A maximum of five credits in the restricted elective category is allowed.

Students must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher to receive this degree.

The following courses must be part of the 90 transferable credits:

  • Writing: 10 credits
  • Quantitative: 15 credits
  • Humanities and Social Science: 15 credits
  • Premajor Program Option 1 (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Environmental/Resources, Earth Sciences): 50 credits
  • Premajor Program Option 2 (Engineering, Computer Science, Physics or Atmospheric Sciences): 50 credits

WVC Catalog - Associate in Science-Transfer Requirements