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SDS 112: College Readiness Bootcamp

Fall 2022 seats are limited so interested students should register now!
The priority fall enrollment deadline is Friday, Sept. 2. 

Get college ready with a free class!

SDS 112 is a two-week intensive course in basic college readiness skills including college navigation, study skills, and reading, writing, and math fundamentals. Students will have the opportunity to strengthen their English and math foundations and receive assistance with correct placement in writing and math. The course will include presentations from guest speakers across campus.

Fall 2022

  • When: Sept 6-9 and 12-15, 8-11:50 a.m.
  • Where: In-person, Wenatchee campus
  • Cost: Free. The class is provided free of charge Fall 2022 thanks to the WVC Foundation.

Note: This course is offered two weeks before the start of the quarter. Regular fall courses begin Sept. 19.

Frequently Asked Questions

All students are eligible, including part-time, adult learners, Running Start, Dreamers/Dacamented, Transitional Studies (ESL, ABE, HS+) and returning students.

Note: Students in CAMP, TRIO SSS, Transitional Studies or those who are receiving workforce grants should contact their program director for more information. 

You can enroll for SDS 112 just like you would enroll for any other class. In order to register online you will need your ctcLink ID.

Ready to sign up? Visit for instructions.

Haven't applied to WVC yet? It's free! Visit for instructions.

If you need help getting your ID set up or getting signed up for classes, you can contact the Registration and Admission office for help: 509-682-6806 or

Classes will include guest speakers, college skill building and work in English and math. Learn more about each below.

Guest speakers include:
  • Student Senate
  • Counselors and Student Access
  • Librarian / Write Lab / Math Center
  • Booths: Trio, Mesa, Camp, Peer Mentoring
  • Academic Planning
  • Computer Services (IT)
  • Faculty Panel
College skills:
  • Basic college course structures
  • Accessing and navigating on campus resources and supports
  • Accessing and navigating online resources and supports
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Note taking
  • Exam preparation and anxiety
English skills
  • English course workload expectations
  • Writing to a purpose
  • Using sources
  • Writing organization
  • Reading essays and textbooks
  • Understanding and avoiding plagiarism
  • Understanding peer reviews
  • Using revision
Math skills
  • Math placement
  • Math workload expectations
  • Academic integrity
  • Math resources in person and online
  • Checking out calculators
  • Strengthening foundational skills

Enrolling in this class may impact your financial aid. You should check with the financial aid office to see how it may impact your award:, 509-682-6810.

If you withdraw from the class, it could impact your financial aid eligibility. Dropping the course may result in financial aid repayment (if you received other awards or funding). Please meet with the financial aid office prior to dropping the class in order to limit any negative impacts:, 509-682-6810.

This class may count as an elective* for an associate's degree.  If you're unsure how this class will impact your progress toward a degree or certificate, contact a college navigator for questions,

*This class qualifies as a restricted elective. Up to 15 credits of restricted electives are allowable for an associate's degree.

If you are working with a Student Grants Center navigator or are a CAMP or TRIO SSS program student, please reach out to them for any questions about college credits and how this course may or may not effect your financial aid or count toward your degree. This course will remain free of charge regardless.

Student Grants Center: CAMP TRIO SSS
 You may see a charge on your account. That doesn't mean you'll pay for the class. The charge will be paid by the WVC Foundation by the first day of fall quarter 2022 (Sept. 19).