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Transitional Studies Registration

Important notes:

1) An individual must be 18 years of age to enter any class at WVC Transitional Studies. Any student 16 or 17 years old whose class has not yet graduated from high school will need to be released from the K-12 school system in which he or she is, or should be, registered. Contact WVC Transitional Studies for the school district release form, 509.682.6790.

2) During summer quarter not all classes are available at all locations. 

3) Tuition and fees for WVC Transitional Studies classes are $35 per student per quarter, regardless of how many classes you take during the quarter. 

Registration Request Form

If you are a Continuing Student who is currently taking classes and would like to register for the upcoming quarter: Please fill out the online ABE Course Request form for Continuing Students.

If you are a New or Former Student who would like to register for classes for the upcoming quarter: Please fill out this online ABE Course Request form for New and Former Students.

For New Students requesting the High School+ Diploma Program: If you have previous high school credits, please have your transcripts sent to 


For More Information

Use the following information to contact any of our locations if you have questions or would like more information.

Wenatchee Campus: Mish Ee Twie room 1118, 509.682.6790, or

Omak Campus: New Hazel Burnett Hall room 410, or 509.422.7958 

Nespelem HS+: 509.634.2780

SkillSource Wenatchee: 234 N Mission Street, Wenatchee, 509.663.3091

For information on other locations, please call the Transitional Studies program office at 509.682.6790.