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Transitional Studies Registration

Important notes:

1) An individual must be 18 years of age to enter any class at WVC Transitional Studies. Any student 16 or 17 years old whose class has not yet graduated from high school will need to be released from the K-12 school system in which he or she is, or should be, registered. Contact WVC Transitional Studies for the school district release form, 509.682.6790.

2) During summer quarter not all classes are available at all locations. 

3) Tuition and fees for WVC Transitional Studies classes are $35 per student per quarter, regardless of how many classes you take during the quarter. 

Wenatchee Campus:

If you are interested in becoming a High School 21+ student: 

  1. Schedule an educational planning appointment. You can visit or call the Transitions Educational Planner (Wenatchi Hall, room 2127, or call 509.682.6788). You can also schedule your appointment through the Transitional Studies program office (Wells Hall room 1024D or 509.682.6790).
  2. Obtain a copy of your high school transcript if you attended high school.  You can contact the last high school you attended for an official, unopened copy of your transcript. Drop it off at either Educational Planning or Transitional Studies at least one day prior to your appointment.
  3. Attend your educational planning appointment. The educational planner will go over your high school credit, discuss life or work experience that may also count for high school credit, and recommend your first quarter of classes. You will register, pay your tuition ($35 in cash, check, money order, debit or credit) and receive your class schedule.

If you already have a high school diploma, or you are not planning to earn high school credit:

  1. Sign up for a scheduled orientation session. Orientations are available by appointment prior to the start of each academic quarter (September, December, and March), and on a limited basis throughout the quarter. Space is limited and walk-ins are strongly discouraged. Visit or call Transitional Studies to schedule your orientation (Wells Hall room 1024D or 509.682.6790).
  2. Attend the orientation and complete a CASAS assessment. Orientations will last about four hours and will include screening, testing, advising and registration. You will meet with instructors to review test scores, register for classes and pay tuition and fees ($35 total). Please bring a check, money order, or debit/credit card – no cash is accepted at the orientation.


Omak Campus:

Contact the Transitional Studies office on the Omak Campus (New Hazel Burnett Hall room 410, or 509.422.7958). If you wish to be enrolled in High School 21+, bring a copy of your high school transcripts. Students may enroll in classes up to five weeks after the start of an academic quarter (the quarters begin in September, January, April and June).

SkillSource Wenatchee:

Our partner program at SkillSource Wenatchee (234 N Mission Street, Wenatchee, 509.663.3091) offers High School 21+ and GED® test preparation classes on a flexible schedule. Orientations are held every Thursday afternoon.

For information on other locations, please call the Transitional Studies program office at 509.682.6790.