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Print Management


Wenatchee Valley College will adopt agency-wide procedures and standards governing the management of print operations to ensure the efficiency and minimize the cost of student and employee printing, and to comply with WAC 200-380-030. This policy applies to on campus printing and contracted printing services. Cost and usage data will be the basis of managed print strategies.

Approved by the president’s cabinet: 8/16/19
Adopted by the board of trustees: 11/30/16
Last reviewed: 7/26/22
Policy contact: Administrative Services

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Standard print management procedures for all WVC locations are intended to provide for efficient print options for employees and students while ensuring that printing expenses are minimized as much as possible. These procedures are intended to be used together with guidelines issued by the State Department of Enterprise Services and applicable RCWs.


  1. Printer purchases and leases will be managed by the WVC chief technology officer and require an analysis of the need and most efficient way to meet the need.
  2. Centrally located multifunction devices will be used for all departmental printing unless an individual cannot leave their work station, for a legal or privacy reason, or for efficiency.
  3. Printing devices will be programmed to default to black and white, 2-sided printing.
  4. Students will be required to pay for printing above a standard “free” number of pages in computer labs and classrooms, the number to be set by the college administration.
  5. High volume and specialized printing will only be done on centralized high-volume printers. The college central printing service will have high-volume printers available for employee use, and specialized printing and binding equipment for efficient specialized printing. High-volume printers will be designated by the administrator of the WVC central printing services. Large print orders with a cost greater than $10,000 annually must be managed through the WVC purchasing manager to ensure compliance with current state policies. Competitive bids are required.
  6. Off-site printing vendors may be used for large or specialized printing to ensure the lowest cost, best quality and best turnaround time.
  7. Document workflow and document management solutions will be reviewed and adopted when they will increase efficiency and reduce print needs. Approval of the WVC chief technology administrator is required.
  8. Wherever practical and when it won’t compromise quality, recycled paper will be used.
  9. Coin-operated printers and copiers are exempt from these requirements, but are expected to comply as much as is practical. Certain departments may be exempt from default settings if approved by the chief technology officer and/or chief administrative officer. Self-support programs and auxiliary services are exempt unless they use printers shared with other departments.

Printing procedures will be reviewed periodically as resources permit, at the end of useful life of WVC owned printers, and at the renewal date of leased printing equipment.

Approved by the president’s cabinet: 11/22/16
Adopted by the board of trustees: 11/30/16
Last reviewed: __/__/__
Procedure contact: Administrative Services

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