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Purchasing Cards (Pcards)

The WVC Procurement Card (PCard) is a Visa purchasing card available for faculty and staff, designed to reduce the use of small dollar purchasing using purchase orders, and eliminate the use of personal funds. PCard usage is restricted to WVC business purchases only, and may not be used for personal expenditures.


What to Know Before You Begin
New Card Application Process
Monthly Reconciliation
PCard Termination


Requirements for Becoming a Cardholder:

All PCard users are:

  • Required to abide by all Washington State Regulations & WVC purchasing policies and procedures when making purchases with the WVC PCard.
  • All NEW Pcard applicants will be required to take the PCard Training once they receive their PCard, and then are required to take the training yearly after that (typically during launch week).
  • Subject to the State of Washington training requirements. 

What to Know Before You Begin

Review all resources below that explain policy and procedure:

  • Pcard Policies and Procedures
  • All NEW PCard applications will be required to take the PCard Cardholder Training.
  • New applications submitted from previous or current cardholders changing departments will not be required to complete a new assessment, as long as training has been completed within the last 12 months.
  • PCard holders are required to take the PCard and Purchasing training yearly.

If you have any questions please email

New Card Application Process

  • WVC Faculty and Staff are eligible to apply for a PCard, with departmental budget authority for approval.
  1. Request permission from your department budget authority for a PCard.
  2. Have the department budget authority send an e-mail request to the purchasing department for a new PCard.

If the purchasing department approves the request for a new PCard, we will reach out to the applicant to gather some personal information. We will also request an in person appointment to go over the Purchasing and PCard policies and procedures.  

Monthly Reconciliation

It is the responsibility of the PCard holder to reconcile their PCard statements monthly.

  • PCard Statements become available, and will be sent to PCard Holders, the first business day after the monthly closing date (normally the 26th, or the next business day if the 26th falls on a weekend or holiday).  The PCard Holder should reconcile their statement and send the PCard Reconciliation Worksheet for the reconciliation to the PCard Administrator at, as soon as possible.  PCard Holders should submit original copies, signed by the budget authority for the department, with all back-up documentation, to the PCard Administrator no later than the fourth (4th) business day after receiving their statement.
  • PCard holders are required to keep all purchasing receipts, invoices, packing slips, etc. to be turned in each month with the PCard Reconciliation worksheet.
  • Best Practices state that the reconciliation worksheet be filled out as purchases are made throughout the month; this makes month end reconciliation much easier.
  • Please include the Account Number on the worksheet, in the space provided. For your convenience, the most common Account Numbers are:

Common Account Codes




Legacy Sub-Object

CtcLink Account Codes (aka Account Numbers)







Purchased Service



Software Maintenance



Non-Capitalized Asset



Repair and Maintenance



Furn/Equpmnt/Hrdware > $5k



Library Resources



In-State Subsistence and Lodging



Instate Airfare



Other Travel Expenses



Full List of Account Codes to Legacy Sub-Object Codes Crosswalk

PCard Reconciliation Worksheet

PCard Termination

The Business Office reserves the right to terminate a PCard at any time, if we determine the Cardholder is not using their PCard in accordance with Washington State Regulations and WVC Policies and Procedures.