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Pre-enrollment requirements

Note: As of the publication of the 2019-2020 academic catalog, the Bachelor of Applied Science-Data Analytics is not yet available to students. Course requirements to complete the degree are still under development, and pre-enrollment and general education requirements listed here are the recommended courses to prepare for the degree as of August 2019.

Pre-enrollment requirements:

Before any student can be admitted to the BAS-DA program, they must complete the following courses with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater. These courses can also be used to satisfy general education:

  • Programming: CSC 110: Intro to Data Analytics (R).
  • Mathematics Requirement: MATH& 146, MATH& 151, MATH& 152 and MATH & 211.
  • Science Requirement/Electives: 10 credits to be chosen with advising and in line with the student’s expected specialization. One course must be chosen from the physical, natural, or earth sciences, and 5 credits must be from a laboratory course.
  • Communications Requirement: ENGL& 101, and ENGL 235.
  • Pre-Major General Education Requirement: 15 credits. 5-10 credits from the Social Science Distribution, and 5-10 credits from the Humanities Distribution.

Additional requirements:

  • Students must earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00, as calculated by the degree awarding institution.
  • The general education courses will include courses earned at either/both the associate degree and/or applied bachelor’s degree level, based on the total required 180 quarter hours of credit.
  • A minimum of 60 quarter hours of general education courses will be required, to include the following distribution areas:
  • Communication Skills - 10 credits
    • ENGL&101 and ENGL 235
  • Quantitative Skills/Symbolic Reasoning - 5 credits
    • MATH& 141
  • Humanities - 10 credits
    • Humanities Distribution Electives
  • Social Sciences - 10 credits
    • Social Sciences Distribution Electives
  • Natural Sciences - 10 credits
    • Natural Sciences Distribution Elective (Lab) and
    • Natural Sciences Distribution Elective
  • Recommended additional general education courses
    • 15 credits to be chosen from communications, quantitative skills/symbolic reasoning, humanities, social sciences or natural science if needed to achieve the required 60 credits. These should be selected with advising in order to fulfill the Pre-Major Requirements:
      • Mathematics: MATH& 142, MATH& 146, MATH& 151-152, MATH& 211
      • Biology (for Systems Biology Specialization): BIO& 211-213
      • Natural Resources (for Natural Resources Specialization): NATR 235
      • Computer Science: CSC& 141-142, CSC 151-153, CTS 221