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Part-Time Program Guide

Part-time (2 years) Student Schedule

Students are expected to take at least 1 course per quarter.  All courses need to be completed to complete the RN to BSN program. Courses are offered once per academic year. Below is one example.


First Year  
First Quarter Credits
NURS 300 Professional Writing for Nursing 5
NURS 310 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing 5
Second Quarter  

NURS 320

Nursing Research, Clinical Scholarship and Evidence Based Practice 5
NURS 340 Organizational Change for Safety and Quality Healthcare 5
  Third Quarter  
NURS 330 Health Policy 5
NURS 360 Health Equity and Cultural Competency in Nursing 5
Fourth Quarter  
NURS 315 Economics in Healthcare 5
NURS 411 Health Information Technology for Nurses 3
Second Year    
First Quarter    
NURS 350 Pathophysiology and Health Assessment 5
Second Quarter    
NURS 430 Community and Public Health Nursing 5
Third Quarter    
NURS 450 Community Health Practicum 2
Fourth Quarter    
NURS 490 Capstone Project 1
  Humanities Elective (if needed) 5
  Total Credits for Degree 51-56

In order to complete the RN to BSN on a part-time schedule, the same courses must be completed. Students will need to work with the Nursing Director and Allied Health Education Planner to create an academic plan.