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Program Guide

Full-time Student Schedule


First Quarter Credits
NURS 300 Professional Writing for Nursing 5
NURS 310 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing 5
NURS 350 Pathophysiology and Health Assessment 5
Second Quarter  

NURS 320

Nursing Research, Clinical Scholarship and Evidence Based Practice 5
NURS 340 Organizational Change for Safety and Quality Healthcare 5
NURS 430 Community and Public Health Nursing 5
  Third Quarter  
NURS 330 Health Policy 5

NURS 360

Health Equity and Cultural Competency in Nursing

NURS 450 Community Health Practicum 2
Fourth Quarter  
NURS 315 Economics in Healthcare 5
NURS 411 Health Information Technology for Nurses 3
NURS 490 Capstone Project 1
  Humanities elective (if needed) 5
  Total Credits for Degree 51-56

In order to complete the RN to BSN on a part-time schedule, the same courses must be completed. Students will need to work with the Nursing Director and Allied Health Education Planner to create an academic plan.