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Finance and Administrative Services

A common core of courses is set for all finance and administrative employees (see below); additional courses are required for employees in specific functions/roles.

Complete the training registration form by:
  1. Clicking the link below, selecting Wenatchee Valley College, entering your email associated with your Canvas account, and clicking Verify My Account.
  2. Select the specific courses in which you want to enroll. Note: courses for employees vary by employee type and function.
  3. When you next login to Canvas, the training courses you selected will be available under your course list.
Important Notes:
  • The courses are self-paced. Longer courses allow you to pause at certain points (end of modules) and continue at a later time so you do not need to complete the course all in one sitting.
  • The project team is provided reports of which employees have completed which courses.
There are courses that may be helpful to you, that aren't required - Please also see:


Required Courses:

Core Training:

  • PeopleSoft Fundamentals

Accounting - Additional Training:

  • AM100 Asset Management
  • AP100 Accounts Payable
  • AR100 Accounts Receivable
  • AR200 Intermediate Accounts Receivable
  • BI100 Billing
  • BI200 Intermediate Billing
  • CT100 Treasury (Cash Management)
  • GL100 General Ledger Basics
  • GL200 Intermediate General Ledger
  • GL300 Advanced General Ledger

Grant Managers - Additional Training:

  • CN100 Customer Contracts
  • GR100 Grants
  • GR200 Intermediate Grants
  • KK100 Commitment Control
  • PC100 Project Costing

Purchasing - Additional Training:

  • PU100 Purchasing: Requisitions
  • PU101 Purchasing: Purchase Orders
  • PU102 Purchasing: Receipts and Maintenance
  • PU103 Purchasing: P-Card
  • AM100 Asset Management

Travel Coordinators - Additional Training:

  • EX101 Travel & Expenses: Approver
  • EX102 Travel & Expenses: Travel Admin/Finance

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