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How-To Guides

For Campus Solutions, Finance and Human Capital Management professionals, we've put together documentation that goes beyond the SBCTC Quick Reference Guides (QRGs). We'll continue to add to and edit these resources so check back often.

Most of the guides are in Word so you can save as, edit and do what you wish. You have our permission to help yourself. That's it! :)

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Human Capital Management (HCM)

Absence Management
Revised Date
Absence Event Approval by Administrator (HR) 03/12/22
Absence Request - Cancel & Resubmit 11/28/23
Absence Request - How to put in a Leave Request 11/26/23
Adding or Changing a Leave Take, inc. Shared Leave Codes 04/18/22
Adjusting Multi-Segment Leave Accrual 03/12/22
Changing Leave Takes to PFML Codes 07/04/22
Check/Adjust Absence Balance for Termed Employees-long version 02/13/22
Check/Adjust Absence Balance for Termed Employees-short version 03/12/22
Checking Leave Takes or Accruals 03/12/22
Leave Accrual Issues and Info 07/04/22
Processes to Run Before Each Pay Period 03/12/22
Run Off-Cycle Absence Process 07/04/22
Shared Leave - Entering and Processing 03/12/22
Transfer Balances from One Empl Record to Another 04/25/22
Transfer Student or Hourly Leave from One Empl Record to Another 04/25/22
DRS Calendars 03/25/22
Enrolling in All Benefits 04/13/22
FSA/HSA/DCAP-Enrolling/Changing/Terming 03/14/22
LTD-Enroll/Change/Decline/Term 03/16/22
LTD-Updating ABBRs for PT Faculty 05/06/22
Maintain Primary Flags 04/25/22
Retirement-Adding PT Hourly 04/01/22
Retirement-Changing Plans 04/01/22
Running the Age 50 SRA Extension Process 03/16/22
Savings Plans-Deferred Comp-457/SBVIP-403B-Enroll/Change/Term 11/26/23
Terminating All Benefits 11/27/23
Job Data
Add a New Employee Instance - Classified PTF 03/31/22
Add a New Employee Instance - Classified 03/31/22
Add a New Employee Instance - Exempt 04/22/22
Add a New Employee Instance - FTF Ext Days 03/19/22
Add a New Employee Instance - FTF 04/22/22
Add a New Employee Instance - MLC 03/19/22
Add a New Employee Instance - PTF 03/31/22
Add a New Employee Instance - PTH Student 03/31/22
Add a New Employee Instance - PTH 04/08/22
Add a New Employee Instance - TFTF 03/19/22
Add a New Employee Instance - Trustee 04/25/22
Add a New Employee Instance - Volunteer 03/16/22
Add or Convert a Part Time Nonpermanent 09/23/23
Adding a Row In-Between Another 03/28/22
Balloon Payments-Adding BP Calendar to Employee 03/25/22
Balloon-FT Faculty Salary/Balloon Update for 09A 03/25/22
Change in Percent of Assignment - Classified 03/28/22
Change in Percent of Assignment - Exempt 03/28/22
Changing an Effective Sequence 03/28/22
Combo Code-Changing/Updating 03/28/22
Compensation for Exempt on Cyclic Contracts 04/26/22
Cyclic Leave of Absence - Classified or Exempt 03/28/22
Exempt Contract Date Change for New Fiscal Year 03/28/22
Leave Max Override - Vacation 03/28/22
Pay Increase - Entering or Adjusting 04/26/22
Promotion/Transfer - Classified to Classified 05/06/22
Promotion/Transfer - Classified to Exempt 04/26/22
Promotion/Transfer - Exempt to Exempt 04/26/22
Putting FTF on Paid or Unpaid Sabbatical 03/28/22
Reallocation - Classified 04/07/22
Short Work Break for FTF after 06B Runs 05/24/22
Short Work Break for FTF - Bring Back after 08B Runs 03/29/22
Short Work Break for Cyclic/Hourly/Students/Volunteers 07/04/22
Terminating a Person BEFORE they Start 04/05/22
Terminating an Employee Temporary/Hourly/Student/Volunteer 04/05/22
Terminating an Employee - Classified 04/05/22
Terminating an Employee - Exempt 05/09/22
Terminating an Employee - Faculty 04/22/22
Terminating an Employee Due to Death 07/04/22
Adding a Person 04/29/22
Addresses - Which is Used for What 03/19/22
Adobe Acrobat-Changing Setting so PDFs Open in Adobe Acrobat Instead of Browser 03/19/22
COVID-19 Employee Vaccination Attestation & Immunization Update 04/28/22
FWL - Updating Assignment Type Rates 09/26/21
IPEDS Reporting 04/01/22
Job Codes - Creating/Editing/Updating 03/25/22
Approving/Canceling & Adding Additional Name (preferred) 11/19/23
Preferred Name Request 11/19/23
New Employee Login Info 10/17/21
Pay Group Tables & Holiday Schedules 02/16/22
Search/Match including Issues 04/29/22
Sick Leave Buyout Process 03/02/22
Supervisor ID Mass Update 04/11/22
Tab Over Lookup Icons and Other Helpful Tricks... 09/26/21
Manager Self Service
Create Delegation when Supervisor is Absent 03/28/22
Exception Management 03/28/22
Cannot View Paychecks as PDF - Let's Change That 03/28/22
Checking/Adding Direct Deposit Info 03/28/22
Create PDF Advice Forms For Employee Self Service 03/28/22
Error Generated by T&L: Closing the Rejected by Payroll Box 05/03/22
PSHUP-Creating a Paysheet Holding Update File 07/04/22
Update State Tax Data 03/28/22
W-4 Changing Withholding (Employee) 04/05/22
W-4 Checking/Updating Federal Withholding Tax Data 04/05/22
W-2 View, Download, Print for an Employee 05/27/22
Position Management
Copy/Clone 03/23/22
New Position 04/22/22
Reclassify with New Job Code 05/11/22
Time & Leave Administration
Assign/Change a Work Schedule 03/29/22
Compensatory Plan Enrollment 03/29/22
Compensatory Time Payout 03/28/22
Reporting Time - Timesheet - Hourly 05/27/22
Reporting Time - Timesheet - Overtime-Eligible Classified & Exempt 03/30/22
Running Refresh Dynamic Groups Process 03/16/22
Running Request Batch Approval Process 03/18/22
Running Request Time Administration Process 02/12/22
TA Process to Change Hours Denied or Accrual to be Approved 07/04/22
Time Reporter Date Change in Job Data 04/05/22
Timesheet Changes by HR & the Affects 04/05/22
Timesheets - Change the Number of Days Before They Lock 03/30/22


Campus Solutions (CS)

Revised Date
Nothing at this time  


Finance (FIN)

Revised Date
Nothing at this time  


Please note: the content in each how-to-guide is, to the best of my knowledge, correct. If anyone has a correction or question, please contact Tim Marker, WVC HR Consultant, at 509.682.6444 or