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Remote PC Instructions

As we are moving forward with remote classes, there is a new tool called Remote PC where you can access your office computer from home, if you are working from home.  We will need a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to install the software, send the email invite and send the instructions.

  • You will need to have your own desktop or workstation at home to remote into your office PC. The IT department does not have enough desktops and laptops to distribute to everyone.
  • This will not work with zero clients.
  • Local home printers will not print any documents on your work computer while remoted into your work computer.

You will receive an email from saying:

Dear user, has invited you to create a RemotePC account.

Create account now!

With RemotePC, you will be able to access your computers from any PC, Mac or mobile devices, from anywhere!

  1. Click on the link sent to your email saying: Create account now! Please use Google Chrome. RemotePC does not work with Edge or Internet Explorer.
  2. On logging in, you will see all computers assigned to you. You can securely connect to these computers and work just as if you were sitting right in front of it.
  3. Once you successfully sign in, you will see Computers assigned to you.
  4. Click connect and you can click the left icon for the web version or the right icon for the desktop version.
  5. Once you connect to your computer, you will receive an email from saying there was a new login to your computer from your home computer if you are using the desktop application, or the web browser version, or android phone or iPhone.  You can edit what kind of emails you receive from RemotePC in your account settings.  
Alternate Method - Download and Install Remote PC Viewer

After some testing, there is a new way to remote into your PC besides the steps mentioned above.  After you login, go to the top right corner of your login of Remote PC and click install and download RemotePC Viewer:

Note:  If you have a WVC laptop at home, you will not be able to install it due to administrator rights. You will need to bring the laptop to the IT building to have an IT tech install it for you.

  • Open and install the .exe file.
  • You will see the set up menu to install the viewer.
  • Click Next, agree with the terms, and click next to install to your default location on your c:drive.
  • RemotePC Viewer will now be in your Start Menu.
  • Log in to RemotePC Viewer with your email and address you used for RemotePC.
  • RemotePC Viewer has the same settings as the Remote PC Desktop application described below.
Web based tools for RemotePC

While using the web version, there are several tools to use.

  • Disconnect will disconnect your session.  If you are finished with your session and work for the day, please sign out of, do not shut down, your remote computer before disconnecting.  Then disconnect your session.
  • Full screen allows the session to go to full screen.
  • There is an icon that looks like little blocks; that is "ctrl + alt + del".  This tool is used on computers needing to use these key strokes to sign into your computer.  If you press "ctrl alt delete" on your home computer, it won’t work with the RemotePC application.  You have to click this icon for accessing your work computer enabled with ctrl alt delete.
  • Switch monitor allows you to switch to a secondary monitor if you have dual monitors setup in your office.
  • The “settings” option (little gear wheel) allows you to set different settings with your RemotePC tools.
RemotePC Desktop Application

Another way to access RemotePC is the Desktop Application.

Open Remote PC with the prompt.  If you have more than 1 monitor, you will be shown the message indicating that you have more than one monitor. If you do not want to show this message again, click the box and then press OK. 

At the top  of the screen, you will see different options:

  • Connection will exit your session.
  • View allows for full screen, better quality, better speed and to switch and configure your monitors.
  • Under actions is the "ctrl alt delete" button described above, lock and sign off your computer and restart.
  • There is no real use for the utilities function.
  • Switch monitor will switch your monitor to the second monitor.
  • You can enable and disable sound.
  • You sign into your work computer using your WVC login credentials.