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What to Consider First

Taking college level course work is a big responsibility. The expectations put on the student are typically higher than in high school. Seek guidance from high school and Running Start officials as well as family to assess your academic ability, goals, and maturity. If you find that these are at college level, Running Start may be a good program for you.

Carefully consider the following dimensions of academic ability, maturity, and personal organization skills before pursuing the Running Start program.

 Academic ability requires:

  • Actively seeking assistance when needed.
  • Completing assignments on time and without being reminded.
  • Earning grades that you are comfortable with appearing on your permanent college transcript.
  • Motivating yourself to study daily.
  • Taking a higher level of responsibility.

Maturity is reflected by:

  • Attending class consistently.
  • Discussing real world issues that may make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Participating in class discussions.
  • Showing respect for your peers, professors, and supporting college and high school staff.
  • Using the extra flexibility of a college schedule for constructive purposes.

Organization will demand that you are:

  • Balancing time between high school and college activities.
  • Exploring your interests and abilities.
  • Meeting high school graduation requirements.
  • Meeting with your high school counselor and Running Start adviser each quarter before registering for classes.
  • Setting and meeting personal career development goals.