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Transfer Resources

Many Running Start students choose to move onto a university once they graduate from high school and WVC.  Your university of choice will always be the best resource for information on whether they are right for your education and how the process of transferring works.  However, WVC and Running Start provide a number of resources for students wishing to transfer as well. 

Running Start students who only have college credit earned during high school (or before the fall following their high school graduation) apply as freshman to most universities. See the website of your university of choice for their official admissions policies. 

You will not know how your classes will precisely transfer to a university until you have been accepted there and they perform an official transfer credit evaluation. However, most in-state universities have lists of how some courses commonly transfer from other in-state colleges. Remember, these guides are set by the receiving university and questions regarding their content should be directed towards them.
If a student earns a direct transfer degree at WVC, like the associate of arts and sciences, and transfer to one of the Washington State public universities, then the student will have junior standing if admitted.  This means the student will not need to complete freshman- and sophomore-level general education requirements. However, they will still be subject to the receiving school's transfer policies if they want to use any of their WVC courses towards their major.
Transfer Equivalency Guides

There are several forms of financial aid available to students.  Filing a FAFSA will tell you if your are eligible for need based grants (money you will not have to pay back) or loans (money you will have to pay back). You can also find scholarships through your university of choice and other private organizations.  Below we have compiled a list of scholarship opportunities and search sites from various universities and private organizations.

Scholarship Search Resources
University Scholarship Sites