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Home and Private School Students

Home schooled and private schooled students seeking credit through Running Start must enroll through their local public school district or high school. Please use the steps below to ensure proper enrollment.*


Meet with a school district.

Parents must meet with a school district official at the district office.

District determines grade placement.

The school district official will need to determine grade placement. All students must be declared as junior or senior standing in high school to access Running Start. Some school districts consider age appropriateness; others review credits and prior learning. In other cases, a standardized achievement test may be used in the absence of adequate documentation of a student's home-based education.

Complete Intent to Home School form.

Once grade placement is established, parents will need to complete an Intent to Home School form (this includes private schooled students) that will be filed at the district office.

High School Diploma Options.

Once students are enrolled with the local school district they are considered a public high school student. However, they are not required to meet the high school graduation requirements. If home schooled and private schooled students are interested in seeking a high school diploma through Wenatchee Valley College please refer to the below information.

SHB 1758: Expanding options for students to earn high school diplomas. Effective July 26, 2009

An individual enrolled through Running Start who satisfactorily completes an associate degree, including an associate of arts degree, associate of science degree, associate of technology degree, or associate in applied science degree, shall be awarded a state high school diploma from the college upon written request from the student (these individuals are not required to complete the State Board of Education's graduation requirements).


*Please note that this process may vary slightly depending on the school district.