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Pharmacy Technician Admissions

When are applications accepted?
The program starts every fall quarter and takes one year to complete. Applications for the fall 2022 program will be accepted starting June 1st, 2023.

What are the program requirements?

  • You must be 18 by the start of the clinicals to apply (clinicals start the fourth quarter of the program)
  • Apply to WVC, this is a separate application from the Pharmacy Technician Application
    • Applicants should obtain placement in English and math before submitting their application in order to receive proper advising towards the AAS-T.
  • Read the application instructions
  • Complete the Pharmacy Technician Application (PDF)
  • Attach a sealed, official high school transcript or a sealed, official GED® transcript to your Pharmacy Technician Application
  • Attach up-to-date sealed, official college transcripts from all colleges where you have earned credit (excluding WVC)
    • If you have entire transcripts that are over 10 years old, contact the Allied Health Educational Planner
    • You can have your transcripts mailed directly to WVC but it is preferred that you attach them to your application
  • Submit your application
    • Email applications to the Pharmacy Technician Program Coordinator, Amanda Stringham at

How are applications evaluated?
Applications include a review of high school and/or college transcripts. Students must have passed High School Level English with a C or better and passed Algebra or higher-level math class with a C or better. If students have taken college courses, they must have passed English 97 or higher with a C or better and Math 98-Algebra or higher with a C or better. Students may also take a placement test prior to acceptance if these requirements cannot be met by transcripts.

Selection of students for the program is based on grades.  Students with the highest cumulative college GPA are admitted.

How are transfer credits evaluated?
If you have transfer credits, it is recommended that you have your credits evaluated by requesting an official Credit Evaluation (PDF).

What do I need to complete if I am accepted? 
All applicants will be notified about a month after applying.  If you are accepted to the Pharmacy Technician program, you must complete all the requirements detailed on this page (PDF) as well as all items listed in the acceptance packet.  You should also be prepared to pay a $50, non-refundable, acceptance fee.

What else should I know before applying?

  • Acceptance to WVC does not guarantee acceptance to the Pharmacy Technician program.
  • If you leave the Pharmacy Technician program for any reason, contact the Director of the Pharmacy Technician program to discuss your re-entry options at (509) 682-6660.
  • On-the-job physical requirements include the ability to lift 50 pounds, carry 20 pounds, sit for 4 hours, and stand for 8-12 hours.
  • Conviction of certain crimes may prevent completion of the clinical requirements of the program and may prevent future licensure and employment in health care.  A criminal record check is required prior to any clinical training experience or clinical field trips.  If you have a criminal record, meet with the Dean of Allied Health and Nursing ((509) 682-6660) to determine if your criminal history would prevent access to a health care facility.