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Preparation Classes

Credentia - Wenatchee Valley College

Test Preparations Sessions for WA State Nurse Aides Certification 2022

Increase your chances of successfully passing the test by scheduling free test prep sessions.


  1.  Available to students who are currently enrolled in the programs or have previously taken either WVC's NURS 100 or Fast Track CNA within the past 12 months. You may attend as many free prep sessions as you would like.
  2.  Email the instructors to schedule:
    Tina Avey ( or Delta Cope (

  3.  Show up for the test prep with a positive learning attitude.
  4.  Class times: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Be punctual.
  5.  Bring your skills handbook.
  6.  Dress for the lab (Wear scrubs or borrow a lab jacket, closed-toe shoes are required).

Location: Mish ee Twie Building, Room 1117 CNA Lab.
Questions? Contact  Imelda Barragan at or at (506) 682-6660.
Important: WVC rents the lab to Credentia. Registration and testing are through Credentia, not through WVC.

Test Prep Session Dates
(1st Thursday every month)
Tina Avey

Test Prep Sessions Dates
(3rd Thursday every month)
Delta Cope
6-Jan-22   20-Jan-22
3-Feb-22   17-Feb-22
3-Mar-22   17-Mar-22
7-Apr-22   21-Apr--22
5-May-22   19-May-22
2-June-22   16-June-22
7-Jul-22   21-Jul-22
4-Aug-22   18-Aug-22
1-Sep-22   15-Sep-22
6-Oct-22   20-Oct-22
3-Nov-22   17-Nov-22
1-Dec-22   15-Dec-22




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