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NURS 100 Course Description and General Information

I. Course Description

This  ten (10)  credit  course  introduces  the  basic  skills  and  knowledge  required for competency as  a nursing assistant caregiver. It includes instruction in personal care skills, roles, and responsibilities of the nursing assistant, communication skills, safety, and emergency procedures. Successful completion of this course allows the student to take the licensure exam under OBRA, fulfilling requirements as set forth by the State of Washington for healthcare professionals. NURS 100 meets the admission requirement for application into the Wenatchee Valley College Nursing Program.

Please Note: CPR and First Aid requirements included in the course must be successfully met prior to clinical rotation.

II. Course Content

  1. The student must demonstrate competency and knowledge at a passing rate of 80% compiled score on exams, quizzes, clinical competency, and written skills/personal learning skills.
  2. The student must demonstrate competency of skills in the practice lab and in the clinical setting.
  3. Attendance is mandatory for successful completion of the course.
  4. CPR and First Aid training for healthcare providers is required. This training is part of the course curriculum, and the student must attend. A CPR card and First Aid card will be provided upon successfully completing this training.
  5. A final grade will be recorded with the Registrar’s Office.  A certificate will be provided upon successful completion of this course.

III. Instructor: Tina Avey - (Wenatchee Campus)

IV. Required Books

  1. “Nursing Assisting; A Foundation in Caregiving” Diana Dugan, RN Hartman Publishing Inc., 2023, 6th edition.

V. Course Supplies/Uniform

  1. A “journal” type notebook is required for journal assignments.  Loose-leaf paper will not be accepted.
  2. A name badge, which is provided by WVC.
  3. Scrubs: A scrub top is provided by WVC on loan to the student. The student is responsible for laundering it. Lost or damaged scrub tops will result in a $75.00 fee to the student. White scrub pants and white washable shoes are required.

VI. Immunization Documentation

Documentation of student immunization status is essential to ensure the health and safety of students and the patients/clients/residents in healthcare agencies that provide clinical learning experiences. Lack of compliance with any of these requirements will prevent the student from entering the clinical area and completing clinical training.

Wenatchee Valley College reserves the right to add to or modify these requirements as needed.

VII. Attendance

Attendance is mandatory during the theory and the clinical portions of the course, in order to 
comply with the requirements, set by the State of Washington to meet the expectations for the Nursing Assistant Certified. This includes being punctual and remaining through the duration of the class. Any absences from the theory/clinical portion of NURS100 will be addressed with instructor on an individual basis. Failure to meet this requirement may result in non-completion of course.  Exceptions may include illness.  In  event  of  illness  or  crisis  situations, the student  must  contact the instructor prior to the beginning of class.

VIII. Simulation Lab Information/Expectations

While working or practicing in the Sim Lab, the student must

  1. Wear closed-toe shoes required. Open-toed shoes or sandals are prohibited at all times when in the Sim Lab, classes, and clinical sites.
  2. Wear your name badge at all times.
  3. Wear scrubs or professional dress with a lab jacket. Scrubs or a lab coat are to be worn at all times by students while in the Sim Lab.
  4. Clothing should allow student to engage in all lab/patient scenarios in a professional manner.

 IX. Additional Course information/Expectations

  1. Lab jackets will be available to the student when engaged in the lab setting. A $20.00 will be assessed for a lost or damaged lab jacket ("damage” will be determined by the instructor.) Payment of damage/loss fee is mandatory; grades will be held until full payment is received.
  2. Use of electronic devices, including texting, is not allowed during lecture or classroom activities. Students may not have cell phones physically on them during clinical rotation.
  3. Wearing a mask during classes is required; ensure social distancing as much as possible. Attestation must be completed daily before the beginning of classes.
  4. Attendance at clinical orientation is mandatory.