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MLT Program Guide

The WVC Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program is offered on the Wenatchee and Omak campuses. We also offer the program through a few regional sites. If you are interested in the MLT program, start by completing the First-Year coursework (also called prerequisites). When you are close to finishing all of the First-Year coursework and have met all of the general requirements, you are eligible to apply to the MLT program.

First-Year Coursework (Prerequisites) (PDF)
 - If you have a bachelor's degree, click here (PDF) instead.

Second-Year Coursework Credits
Summer Quarter    
MLT 150 Basic Lab Theory 4
MLT 151 Basic Lab Practice 3
Fall Quarter    
MLT 210 Clinical Experience I 10
MLT 213 Clinical Hematology & Immunohematology 7
MLT 214 Hematology Lab 3
Winter Quarter    
MLT 220 Clinical Experience II 10
MLT 223 Clinical Microbiology 7
MLT 224 Clinical Microbiology Lab 3
Spring Quarter    
MLT 230 Clinical Experience III 10
MLT 233 Clinical Chemistry and Urinalysis 7
MLT 234 Clinical Chemistry Lab 3
Summer Quarter    
MLT 240 Clinical Experience IV 10
  Total Credits for the second year of the MLT program 77