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Nursing Program Guide

The WVC Nursing program is offered on the Wenatchee and Omak campuses. If you are interested in the nursing program, start by completing the prerequisites (linked below). Once you have completed all the prerequisites and met all the general requirements, you are eligible to apply to the nursing program. Accepted students begin taking the below classes every fall quarter. Successful completion of the entire program entitles students to take the licensure examination for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN).

Prerequisites (PDF)

First Year - Fall Quarter Credits
NURS 101 Foundations of Nursing Practice 3
PHIL 105 Ethics and Policy in Healthcare I 1
NURS 151 Foundations of Nursing Practice Lab 6
NUTR 105 Nutrition in Healthcare I 1
PSYC 105 Psychosocial Issues in Healthcare I 1
PHARM 101 Pharmacology in Nursing I 1
NURS 112* Applications of Nursing Concepts I 1
First Year - Winter Quarter  
NURS 102 Nursing Concepts I 4
NUTR 106 Nutrition in Health Care II 2
NURS 152 Nursing Lab II 6
PHARM 102 Pharmacology in Nursing II 1
 NURS 113* Applications of Nursing Concepts II 1
First Year - Spring Quarter  
NURS 103 Nursing Concepts II 5
NUTR 107 Nutrition in Health Care III 1
NURS 153 Nursing Concepts Lab II 6
PHARM 103 Pharmacology in Nursing III 1
 NURS 114*  Applications of Nursing Concepts III 1
First Year - Summer Quarter  
  Optional Electives
Second Year - Fall Quarter  
NURS 201 Advanced Nursing Concepts I 3
PHIL 201 Ethics and Policy in Health Care II 1
NURS 251 Advanced Nursing Concepts I Lab 6
PSYC 202 Psychosocial Issues in Health Care II 2
 NURS 210* Senior Seminar I 1
Second Year - Winter Quarter  
NURS 202 Advanced Nursing Concepts II 2
PHIL 202 Ethics and Policy in Health Care III 2
PSYC 203 Psychosocial Issues in Health Care III 1
NUTR 202 Nutrition in Health Care IV 1
NURS 252 Advanced Nursing Concepts Lab II 6
Second Year - Spring Quarter  
NURS 203 Advanced Nursing Concepts III 4
PHIL 203 Ethics and Policy in Health Care IV 1
 PSYC 204 Psychosocial Issues in Health Care IV 1
NURS 253 Advanced Nursing Concepts Lab III 6
 NURS 214* Senior Seminar II 1
  Total Credits for Degree

*NURS 112, 113, 114, 210, and 214 are optional courses.

**This total does not include prerequisites or corequisites.

Content delivery between campuses may include instruction via interactive television (ITV) or Zoom.