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Dreamer Application Process

Priority Deadline Date is always March 15th

Applying for Washington State Financial Aid

You may apply for Washington State Financial Aid for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year (Fall 2019-Summer 2020) beginning October, 2018 by submitting  either a WASFA or FAFSA.  Below is some information to assist you.

Should I file a FAFSA or WASFA?

Any student who does not have a social security number and wishes to apply for Washington State aid must complete a Washington State Financial Aid (WASFA) application.  Those who have an ITIN (issued by the IRS for tax purposes) should enter the ITIN in the SSN field of the WASFA.  If you have neither an SSN or ITIN, a WASFA id will be assigned to you.  Please make a note of that number, as it will be your Financial Aid number in the Financial Aid Management (FAM) Portal. 

Any student with a social security number issued by the Social Security Administration (even those issued with a work restriction) may file a FAFSA, which can be used to determine eligibility for Washington state aid. 

Any student who, due to the immigration status of the student or family members, cannot (or does not wish to) file a FAFSA, may file a WASFA.  If you have a social security number or ITIN, be sure to use that number on your WASFA application. 

Regardless of which application you submit, you need to follow up with the WVC financial aid office whenever we send you a letter asking for additional information, as we will not make assumptions about your application and there are additional steps you may need to take prior to being awarded.

Contact the WVC financial aid office if you have questions or concerns about completing either application, or if you receive a letter from us requesting further information or documentation. Our office is here to assist you.

**Please note: Any security number issued by the Social Security Administration or IRS is a valid social number, which can/should be used when completing your financial aid application. This is true even if there is a note on your card that says "valid for work only with DHS Authorization". That note simply means that your card was issued with a work limitation, so you must have a valid, unexpired work authorization card to go with the social security card if you are using the card for employment purposes. It does not exclude you from using it for other purposes. For information, see