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Worker Retraining

Retrain for a New Job or Career

Are you unemployed? The Worker Retraining Program can help you with resources to retrain for a new job or career.

You could be eligible for Worker Retraining support for any of the following reasons:

  • Receiving—or eligible to receive—unemployment benefits
  • Have exhausted unemployment benefits within the past four years
  • Formerly self-employed and currently unemployed due to general economic conditions
  • Unemployed veteran discharged within the past four years
  • Unemployed or underemployed after having been dependent on another family member’s income, but no longer supported by that income due to separation, divorce, death, or permanent disability of the main wage-earner.
  • A vulnerable worker (at risk of being unemployed) who meets two of the following three requirements:
    • Your job is not in demand. (See the Local Area Demand/Decline Occupations list.)
    • You do not have 45 college credits.
    • You must upgrade your skills to remain employed in your current job.
The Worker Retraining Program provides educational and career planning to help dislocated and unemployed workers retrain in a vocational field and return to work. Students may qualify for assistance with tuition, fees and books, and continue to receive unemployment benefits while attending one of WVC's many occupational programs.

To Check Eligibility

Before continuing, please verify that the program you are interested in is listed above in the "Qualifying Programs" section. If you are in a qualifying program and want to see if you are eligible for the Opportunity Grant at Wenatchee Valley College, please fill out our Interest Survey

If you need questions answered or would like to speak to a Grants staff, please see the information below or email our department at

Kristina King
Student Benefits Navigator
(509) 682-6613 
Erika Schenkvonstauffenberg
Workforce Education Grant Coordinator
(509) 682-6964


Andrew Behler 
Student Benefits Navigator
(509) 682-6965