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About MESA

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About Washington MESA (WA MESA) and WVC MESA

Washington MESA believes there are many benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace. Therefore, our programs are targeted to increase representation of women, African Americans, Latino/Hispanics, Native Americans, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders in STEM fields.

The WA MESA Transfer Prep program works with youth in their first two years of community college and focuses on supporting them with their transition into a post-secondary STEM program career. 

WVC MESA is a relational, student-centered program that offers academic and non-academic support to students in STEM who intend to transfer from Wenatchee Valley College to a 4-year degree program. 

Washington MESA Mission

We empower underrepresented students by providing them a community that supports their pathways to higher education in STEM through mentorships, academic programs, and interactive workshops. 

Washington MESA Vision

Diverse student populations in Washington State have the educational support and tools to create innovative solutions as they become the next leaders in STEM. 

What Does WVC MESA Offer?

  • MESA Student Center with plenty of academic resources to help you succeed (Eller-Fox, Room 3016). 
  • Consistent Academic Advising, based on your career goals. 
  • Connections with non-academic WVC services such as financial aid and professional development. 
  • Reliable information on scholarships, internships, and mentoring programs. 
  • 4-year degree transfer assistance including preparing for, applying, and transferring to the Bachelor degree program of your interest. 

Is WVC MESA a Good Fit For You?

  • You must intend to transfer from Wenatchee Valley College in pursuit of a 4-year degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) field. 
  • You cannot hold a bachelor's degree already in any field. 
  • You must be willing to actively participate in the services and activities MESA offers to guarantee your academic success.


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